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Banking insights Report

Unchartered territory: Digital Banking Trends and Predictions 2024

Financial leaders face tough decisions ahead: partner with or compete against fintechs? Which tech to invest in now, and what to plan for later? This report guides on transformative trends for the next 12 months and beyond. Be bold, build for tomorrow.

Banking Insights Report

Gartner Insights: What Banking CIOs need to know about Generative AI

GenAI is revolutionizing banking, offering great potential and risks. Gartner's 2024 survey reveals 5% of banking CIOs have GenAI deployed, with 37% planning deployment soon. Whether on your roadmap or not, its impact is inevitable. To aid banking tech leaders, we're sharing Gartner's insightful report on maximizing GenAI applications.

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A customer-centric hub of operations

The digital Branch Front Office powered by ebankIT simplifies branch operations, improves customer interaction, and enhances support services.

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User Engagement Hub: Elevating customer engagement in digital banking

The User Engagement Hub empowers banks and credit unions to captivate and engage a new wave of tech-savvy users with cutting-edge and personalized tools that actively involve customers in the process of innovation. Immerse yourself in the video to explore every facet of an enriching digital banking experience.

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ebankIT Card Features

Allow your clients to manage their credit, debit, and prepaid cards in one single place without having to go to an in-branch office.

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Web banking: Manage your finances across devices

Empower your banking users to seamlessly manage their finances online with web banking. Both retail and corporate clients can benefit from a unified and personalized journey, complete with a responsive design and enhanced security measures without leaving the comfort of their home.

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Wearable banking: Shaping the future of banking, one wrist at a time

Wearable Banking revolutionizes the way customers manage their finances by providing a convenient and accessible solution. With the ability to effortlessly make transfers and payments, locate nearby ATMs and branches, explore new banking offerings, receive timely notifications, and enjoy round-the-clock account access, customers can stay in control of their money no matter where they are.

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ebankIT digital banking innovations

Discover how you can improve your digital banking services to create a seamless experience across every digital banking channel with the ebankIT.

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Branch Front Office: Merging physical and digital banking

Transform the banking experience of your clients with the revolutionary Branch Front Office Platform by ebankIT. Our innovative solution is specifically designed for banks and credit unions, is designed to provide a convenient and efficient banking experience to customers using online and mobile platforms.

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Contact Center: Streamlining banking communications

A complete omnichannel banking contact center that offers frictionless customer service. A communication hub that integrates multiple channels of interaction into a unified system. It allows customers to seamlessly switch between various communication channels (such as phone, email, chat, secure message, and video) while maintaining a consistent and personalized experience.

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Augmented Reality in banking: Redefining customer engagement

Introducing the revolutionary 'Augmented Reality' tool by ebankIT, which brings a whole new level of personalization to banks and credit unions. Unlock a world of tailored insights and content with this incredible tool. Transform the way your financial institution connects and communicates with customers, increasing engagement by delivering offers that perfectly cater to their individual needs.

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Account Management: Delivering exceptional customer

Boost client satisfaction and fuel long-term revenue growth for your financial institution with ebankIT Account Management. Efficiently manage sales leads, track performance metrics effortlessly, handle and process account opening requests, all in one centralized hub.

Banking insights White paper

Humanized banking: the road to increasing digital sales

Financial institutions have a crucial responsibility to offer customers an exceptional and valuable experience that is both personal and meaningful. With a strong emphasis on delivering the right offer at the perfect time, place, and context, banks and credit unions prioritize adding genuine value to their customers.

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Mobile banking - Your bank anywhere at any time

Access your banking platform anywhere and at any time. Mobile banking is a channel for mobile devices that contemplates banking transactions for individual and corporate clients. It offers a secure solution – according to the most up-to-date encryption, registration, and authentication procedures – for customers to connect and perform banking operations over their smartphones.

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An out-of-the-box platform: efficiency made simple

Discover how you can streamline your financial institution's processes with a seamless implementation using an all-in-one platform that meets the essential regulation requirements for Canadian financial institutions. Enhance convenience for your account holders by simplifying transactions and improving bill payments with advanced payee functionality as well as the option to order or cancel cheques online.

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Digital banking: ensuring financial accessibility across all channels

Over one billion individuals across the globe face disabilities that impact their online browsing and smartphone usage. Ensuring equal access to financial platforms is crucial, regardless of any disability individuals may have. By investing in an accessible digital banking platform, financial institutions can empower their clients to feel valued and confident in independently managing their finances.

Banking insights white paper

EMS: A smarter way to manage operations

Experience complete autonomy over your banking operations through the ebankIT Management System (EMS). Immerse yourself in this centralized control hub that showcases a diverse range of exceptional functionalities, such as a state-of-the-art campaign engine, advanced data analytics, and a dedicated developer portal.

Banking insights White paper

Banking functionalities accessible anywhere at anytime

Discover the advancements in technology and how wearable banking has become a popular choice among individuals who seek a more convenient, secure, and efficient way to access their bank account. Empower your clients to effortlessly manage their finances by equipping them with the most up-to-date tools.

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Promoting sustainable banking habits - FinovateEurope 2022

Join us in exploring innovative ways to drive sustainable banking practices during our demo at Finovate Europe 2022. Discover how ebankIT is leading the charge in promoting sustainability within the banking sector through gamification with 'The Sustainable Tree.' With this new feature, you can set up your sustainability goals and take action to choose more sustainable options in your financial life.

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Banking for a better planet: My Tree Score explained at FinovateFall 2021

Explore innovative approaches to promote sustainable banking practices in our demo at FinovateFall 2021. Watch the full video to discover how ebankIT is at the forefront of advancing sustainability in the banking industry through gamification, exemplified by "My Tree Score." This exciting new feature empowers you to establish sustainability objectives and actively make eco-conscious choices in your financial journey.

Banking Insights Report

Better banking: The SME Banking Report

Small businesses are a major challenge for banks, but for far too long, SMEs have been seen as low-priority. SMEs make up 90% of businesses worldwide and create more than 50% of employment. The businesses may be small but the opportunity is huge. How should banks and credit unions respond?

Banking Insights Report

Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Banking

In 2023, a report published by Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, titled "Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Banking", the profound influence of AI on software and IT services products in banking is explored.

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ebankIT Summit | Roberto Ferrari

Within the dynamic realm of digital banking, Roberto Ferrari highlights the profound impact of emerging technologies reshaping the industry. To remain competitive in this ever-evolving landscape, banking institutions must adeptly navigate these changes by embracing intelligent architecture. The crux lies in providing tailored customer experiences that harmonize with the shifting technological trends, guaranteeing a seamless and innovative approach to financial services.

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ebankIT Summit | Stephen Pedersen

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with Stephen Pedersen, VP of Cyber & Information Security at Coast Capital Savings! Watch the full video for an insightful interview where Stephen shares expertise on the delicate balance between identity verification and digital threat mitigation in financial services.

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ebankIT Summit | Jean Pierre Lacroix

Embark on a journey to understand the dynamic shifts currently shaping the banking sphere. In this ever-evolving environment, collect insights from the expertise of Jean Pierre Lacroix, who highlights the importance of seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional banking practices to enhance the overall customer experience.

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ebankIT Summit | Sansão Monjane-FNB

The recent integration of the ebankIT platform has significantly enhanced transaction capabilities and customer engagement for FNB Mozambique, as highlighted by Sansão Monjane, FNB's Chief Digital and Information Officer. With innovative features and a seamless user interface, FNB stands out in the competitive landscape, demonstrating a commitment to providing a superior and distinctive digital banking experience for its customers.

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ebankIT Summit | Luc Haldimann- Unblu

Unblu and ebankIT have joined forces to reinvent customer engagement to bridge this gap between financial institutions and their account holders. Incorporating face-to-face interactions, chatbots, co-browsing, and other personalized features to enhance the digital banking experience.

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ebankIT Summit | Microsoft- Marco Silva

In today's dynamic banking landscape, Marco Silva provides insights on optimizing banking operations through AI integration, emphasizing personalized interactions and an omnichannel approach for a seamless customer journey. His vision is for efficient and deeply personalized banking operations that foster stronger customer connections.

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ebankIT Summit | Celero- Deborah Moore

Deborah Moore underscores the importance of harmonized user stories to align stakeholders seamlessly and enable rapid, cost-effective banking experiences with ebankIT products. She enhances the collaborative environment where these innovative solutions streamline processes, ensuring sustained efficiency and paving the way for a prosperous future.

Latest reports

Gartner Insights: Gartner Insights: What Banking CIOs need to know about Generative AI

GenAI is revolutionizing banking, offering great potential and risks. Gartner's 2024 survey reveals 5% of banking CIOs have GenAI deployed, with 37% planning deployment soon. Whether on your roadmap or not, its impact is inevitable. To aid banking tech leaders, we're sharing Gartner's insightful report on maximizing GenAI applications.

Gartner Insights: Gartner Insights: What Banking CIOs need to know about Generative AI

Unchartered territory: Digital Banking Trends and Predictions 2024

The are major opportunities ahead for innovators that make the right decisions today. Our guide to the trends and technologies that will shape the digital banking landscape in 2024 will help you plan for the disruption ahead and understand the technology investments that will drive future growth.

Unchartered territory: Digital Banking Trends and Predictions 2024