Coast Capital

Coast Capital: Digital transformation in record time

By integrating the ebankIT Platform, Coast Capital – Canada’s largest credit union by membership and British Columbia’s first federal credit union – has reshaped the digital banking experience for all its members. In its new platform, Coast Capital offers several features to protect end-users, such as secure biometric login and real-time fraud activity alerts.

By adopting ebankIT, HBL transformed itself into a next-gen banking institution

HBL’s digital transformation project is an outstanding example of what small and medium financial institutions can achieve with a clear vision and sound strategic planning. Powered by ebankIT, HBL has transformed itself from a branch-led organization to an institution that has successfully future-proven its strategy, handling the growing demand for digital banking services.
Jamaica National Bank UK

Seamless and smooth onboarding with ebankIT

Jamaica National Group – a financial institution with more than 140 years of activity – decided to introduce a new banking institution into the United Kingdom market. Supported by ebankIT, the newly opened Jamaica National Bank UK is a community-based banking organization, with a fully digital-first approach, that offers innovative solutions to help its customers reach their full financial potential.
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African Bank reaches 4 million customers due to successful diversification strategy

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ebankIT was selected by Home Trust Company for a complete end-to-end digital deposits implementation

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