What will you learn?

Market Overview

The 2020s have been a dynamic and tumultuous decade so far. Will the disruption continue and what are analysts saying about future market conditions? 

Strategies for leaders

Recommendations for corporate banking leaders on how to leverage technology to deliver the products, services, and support the clients of tomorrow will need.

The Age of AI

Get ahead of the enormous change and disruption coming to the banking sector with our guide to transformative artificial intelligence use cases and how to build an AI-first bank.

Humanized digital experiences

The next step after personalized banking is humanized financial services. Discover how to bring a human touch to your corporate and business clients.

Cloud migration

Gartner expects cloud spending to soar to $678.8 billion this year, up from $563.6 billion in 2023. Find out how to direct investments into this critical technology.

Open banking

The opportunities and challenges of API ecosystems, which enable banks to create transformative new experiences for their corporate customers.


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Managing Corporate Relationships

The traditional model of corporate banking is centered around relationship managers (RMs) relying on high-touch, face-to-face interactions. This model alone is becoming unsuitable for a post-pandemic world of hybrid working and digital-first banking, with McKinsey warning that this approach is “restricting banks” and raising the cost to serve. A solution lies in the strategic deployment of technology to enhance the work of RMs and help them build stronger, deeper, and longer-lasting client relationships.


The numbers


Adjusting a bank’s strategy for serving existing and potential clients can lower its cost to serve, but implementation can be a significant challenge. Driving these changes requires visionary leadership and bold action from top management, as well as clear and consistent communication with the front line.

How can corporate banks meet the evolving expectations of their clients and use digital technology to enhance the work of their skilled relationship managers? Our report will help you answer these questions and build a growth strategy for a dynamic, fast-changing and hyper-competitive market.