ebankIT Summit | Luc Haldimann - Unblu

With technology constantly evolving to enhance daily banking operations, the challenge lies in maintaining a human connection in a digital world.

Unblu and ebankIT have joined forces to reinvent customer engagement to bridge this gap between financial institutions and their account holders. Incorporating face-to-face interactions, chatbots, co-browsing, and other personalized features will enhance the digital banking experience for your clients.

Effortless innovation tactics

AI-powered chatbots

AI chatbots simplify banking tasks and offer personalized product suggestions to guide customers through digital banking 24/7.


Real-time collaboration between clients and banking professionals, providing virtual support and replicating an in-person experience digitally.


Face-to-face interactions 
Customers can interact with banking representatives from home through video calls, eliminating the need for in-person appointments.

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