Report an infringement

It is of utmost importance for ebankIT to ensure predictability and confidence for all those who raise a concern. To report an infringement to ebankIT, within the scope of the Law n.º 93/2021, of 20th December, which establishes the general regime for the protection of whistleblowers, you can send an email at:

ebankit Anonimity

ebanKIT’s core principles
for handling reports of concerns

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Fair and objective
ebankit icon whistleblower
Protecting whistleblowers
from retaliation
ebankit icon document
Protection of the legal rights
of the individual who is the subject of the report
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Protection of
ebankit icon dataloss
Protection of
personal data

Privacy notice

The personal information you may add in this report will be processed in accordance with the ebankIT reporting channel privacy notice.

ebankIT Reporting Channel Privacy Notice