Promoting growth and innovation

With a vast training program, ebankIT Academy empower partners and employees to successfully implement, maintain and support any ebankIT solution.

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Training hours

At the ebankIT Academy there is always time to develop new skills and explore new opportunities.

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Partners, customers and internal collaborators are constantly challenged to learn more.

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Training volume

Our Academy’s Training volume –number of training hours x number of trainees – is skyrocketing!

Partners training program

1st level certification
Sales and technical

The partner is able to sell the product, build POCs and take part in ebankIT implementation projects under the supervision of ebankIT’s team.

ebankIT Platform | Web and mobile banking
ebankIT Platform | Web banking
ebankIT Platform | nXP
ebankIT Platform | nXP
ebankIT Platform | Canadian Layer
ebankIT Platform | Mobile banking (iOS App)
ebankIT Platform | Mobile banking (Android App)
2nd level certification
Delivery and execution

The partner is able to implement projects with medium customization complexity, with reduced support from ebankIT’s team.

e-Learning + on-the-job training
ebankIT Platform | Security center and EMS
ebankIT Platform | Identity server
ebankIT Platform | Monitoring
ebankIT Platform | Branch front office
ebankIT Platform | Campaigns
ebankIT Platform | Analytics
ebankIT Platform | Analytics
Hands-on customizations
3rd level certification
Project management and support

The partner is able to lead the implementation of complex projects with reduced or no support from ebankIT’s team.

Classroom + on-the-job training
ebankIT Implementation methodology
How to perform support and maintenance

Why is certification important

Certification is a mandatory requirement for every partner, prior to working on any ebankIT project. By successfully passing the certification exams of the First, Second and Third Levels of the Partners Training Program, each participant is empowered to successfully implement, maintain and support ebankIT solutions.

Group 1-3


Each training activity is designed to support our ecosystem of partners with the most up-to-date resources and skillsets they need to effectively respond to customer’s demands. Partners and internal teams are routinely challenged to solve highly complex problems, in order to create new knowledge about the digital banking world and to maintain the highest standard of customer service.

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Upcoming trainings

10 - 17 Jan
ebankIT Platform - Analytics (Functional)

Data Analysts and Data Scientists acquire practical and theoretical knowledge to explore and visualize the Analytics' data.

23 - 31 Jan
ebankIT Platform - Security Centre & EMS

.NET Developers acquire practical and theoretical knowledge to use the Security Centre as a focal point for omnichannel registration.

02 - 09 Feb
ebankIT Platform - Analytics (Technical)

Database Administrators acquire practical and theoretical knowledge to install and configure the Analytics module.