Seize the digital advantage: transform business banking today

Unlock growth opportunities: transform business banking today

Today, both large and small companies expect financial institutions to deliver the products and services they need while supporting them across all aspects of their finances. FIs need to collaborate with a digital banking provider to tackle emerging players and successfully navigate through economic obstacles and evolving policies. 



Banks have neglected SMEs and they will come to regret it,” Forrester has warned. Using unusually strong language, Peter Wannemacher, Principal Analyst, said traditional banks face a “potential dark future” unless they improve SME lending.

Moving from reactive to proactive engagement

Companies benefit from a proactive banking approach that leads them to seize the best financing offers and to stay ahead of the competition.

The right balance between flexibility and speed to market

After a quick deployment process, corporate banks can continuously tailor their offer and generate new services according to their target audience. 

Constant releases to ensure competitiveness and productivity

Relying on a modular architecture, ebankIT provides continuous releases and updates, matching the growing demands of corporate banking.