Canadian business layer: an out-of-the-box platform

Discover how you can streamline your financial institution's processes with a seamless implementation using an all-in-one platform that meets the essential regulation requirements for Canadian financial institutions. Enhance convenience for your account holders by simplifying transactions and improving bill payments with advanced payee functionality as well as the option to order or cancel cheques online.



Our partnership with ebankIT has been instrumental in bringing our vision of a cutting-edge digital banking solution to life. Together, we've redefined convenience, security, and accessibility in banking.

Calvin MacInnis, President & CEO, Coast Capital Savings

Key features

Canadian regulatory framework
Canadian regulatory framework

ebankIT robust platform comes with a pre-built regulatory framework governing open banking to ensure consumer protection, data privacy, and security standards.

User engagement hub

Allow customers to easily transfer funds between accounts electronically through email, phone numbers, account aliases, or other convenient online banking options.

Developer portal
CRA Payments

Provide 8 different forms that can be submitted to the CRA for paying with the option to schedule payments and view the complete payment history associated with a Business Number.