Banking for a better planet

ebankIT introduces the concept of "Tree Score" as a new feature of its omnichannel digital banking platform. This exciting new feature empowers users to establish sustainability objectives and actively make eco-conscious choices in their financial journey.

Explore an innovative approach to promote sustainable banking in this demo presented at FinovateFall 2021. Watch the full video to discover how ebankIT is at the forefront of banking sustainability. 

Key Highlights

Personalized experience

Allows users to personalize their experience on the app by setting up their own profile according to their preferences thanks to an easy-to-use interface. 

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Sustainable banking

Let users align their 'Tree Score' with specific community values such as shopping locally, supporting independent artists, or making donations to a favorite charity.

Artificial intelligence

Boost marketing campaigns and engagement rates with an AI-powered system integrated into an omnichannel digital banking platform to tailor each experience to each individual.

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