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Moving from reactive to proactive engagement

Companies benefit from a proactive banking approach that leads them to seize the best financing offers and to stay ahead of the competition.

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The right balance between flexibility and speed to market

After a quick deployment process, corporate banks can continuously tailor their offer and generate new services according to their target audience. 

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Constant releases to ensure competitiveness and productivity

Relying on a modular architecture, ebankIT provides continuous releases and updates, matching the growing demands of corporate banking.

A leading digital platform for a new generation of business leaders

Customer Onboarding

Efficient and paperless banking experience

Customer onboarding should take a few moments, not a few weeks. ebankIT eliminates friction on every step, right from the onboarding onwards. Business customers embark on a paperless, fully digital and totally secure journey.

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Cross-border Payments

Global business knowns no border

Business leaders need to be constantly connected, wherever they are. ebankIT enables banks and credit unions to offer efficient solutions on cross-border transfers, credit card payments and new payment methods, such as crypto wallets. 

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Multi-account management

A single platform, multiple accounts

ebankIT delivers a complete catalog of business banking solutions, including an effective multi-account management platform. Business leaders are powered to manage the cash flow, identify every expense, and reinforce liability protections.

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Permission Role Management

A personalized offer for smarter managers

ebankIT empowers banks and credit unions to offer a customizable Banking solution for every business, regardless of their digital prowess or management style. Business leaders are able to easily manage their team’s access more effectively.

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