Technology overhaul
The Banking CIO/CTO Agenda 2027

A disruptive digital banking experience, for both customers and banking teams

Monitoring Center

Real-time management and collaboration

ebankIT enables financial institutions to follow up all the received interactions and access the status of current services. Provided with a global dashboard, it is possible to record and manage maps for an optimized data analysis.

ebankIT Management System

Better teamwork, better performance

With the ebankIT Management System, financial institutions coordinate all the activities performed at different levels of management, from day-to-day operations to major structural modifications.

ebankIT studio

The freedom to create new services in-house

ebankIT studio is a full Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables rapid development of applications and services whilst maintaining high quality and performance.

Mask group
Content Management System

Content creates new opportunities

The ebankIT platform can be integrated with any Content Management System, being completely agnostic and flexible to the financial institution’s needs.


Taking customer-care seriously,
on every stage and interaction

Group 257

Exploring every communication channel

Even remotely, supporting agents can work closely with their customers, assisting them to perform any tasks and fulfill any form. Through live chat, co-browsing, video or audio call, the banking staff are always able to provide the best and most personalized customer care.

Group 256

Creating personalized campaigns

Banks and credit unions gain total control over the content management, easily creating and editing new campaigns. Marketing teams are able to manage the content publishing across all channels, customizing each campaign according to the audience’s profile.

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