Retail Banking

Full suite applications for the Retail Banking needs

Helping people to be one step ahead in life and business is what banking is all about.

Customers are continuously demanding ever higher levels of service and technology is making it easier to switch banks, making relationships much less sticky.

At ebankIT we help you make the most out of your customer relation by creating personalized journeys and making your Digital Banking Transformation dreams come true in Record Time.

We provide banks and credit unions with a Retail Banking Suite, which includes Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Watch Banking and customer facing tools such as Branch Frontoffice and Contact Center. All these features are available out-of-the-box of our Digital Banking Platform, which integrates with the core banking system.

Internet Banking

Your customers… one click away

Internet Banking is one of the prime examples of Omnichannel innovation. Allowing access to daily banking operations without the time consuming process of going to a branch, it quickly became one of the favored channels among banking customers. Available for both Retail and Corporate clients, ebankIT’s solution makes the majority of banking operations readily available while being highly customizable.

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Mobile Banking

Your bank: anytime, anywhere, on every device

ebankIT Mobile Banking provides full, optimized access to all enabled banking features, including accounts, transfers, BillPay, cards, remote cheque deposits, savings and other products through smart devices (smartphone, tablet or smartwatch). Besides being fully native (hybrid available upon request), the Apps are customized according to the financial institution’s requirements, branding and UX guidelines, as well as secured with biometric login and authentication.

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Watch Banking

Your wrist bank

ebankIT Watch Banking directly supports Apple’s WatchOS, Google’s Wear OS and Tizen, all out-of-the-box. As financial institutions increase their reliance on digital services, ebankIT Watch Banking offers quicker and easier ways to check account balances, pay bills and request specific services such as cheque books.

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Branch Frontoffice

The Face of your customers

The new generation branch frontoffice is oriented towards organizing daily branch activities, creating new ways and opportunities to contact clients and deliver complete and accurate customer service. The ebankIT Branch Frontoffice provides front desk and commercial customer servicing as well as backoffice functions.

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Contact Center

Connect with your customers

ebankIT Contact Center is a specialized web-based solution for contact centers, with telephony integration, enabling contact center agents to manage contacts through a single interface: e-mails, chats, calls and IVR customer service. It provides a complete customer service solution, which allows: checking the unified client view, starting operations based on simple steps, campaigns and customer service scripts as well as complaints management.

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Digital Account Opening

Digital capability and functionality are impacting every aspect of the banking industry. While banking executives will need to prioritise digital investments, there may be no better place to start than with the new client onboarding process.

The benefits of using a mobile device to streamline new account openings are beginning to reach the branch network. Mobile functionality, such as turning a smartphone into a document and ID scanner with character recognition (OCR) for improved accuracy, reduced friction and risk management, is replacing the slow, error-prone desktop processes at many banks and credit unions.

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“In ebanklT we found a trustworthy partner, which exceeded our expectations, allowing us to deploy our multilingual internet banking services. In less than 3 months the project was implemented. This is much quicker than expected. We are looking forward to extend our collaboration to other partners in our ecosystem.”


Marianne Wildi CEO at HBL Bank Switzerland

“In ebankIT we found a trustworthy partner in our journey to digitally transform the bank. The projects were implemented in record time. ebankIT rose above expectations and we are glad to recommend the company to other banks seeking to provide seamless omnichannel customer experiences.”

BancoBNI Europa

Pedro Pinto Coelho CEO at BNI Europa

More Product & Solutions

Monitoring Center

The ebankIT Monitoring Center provides unrivaled insight into your full banking infrastructure. IT Staff can keep track of the network and systems performance and even identify potential bottlenecks before they occur. Its comprehensive dashboard allows an overview of the whole banking operations, as well as integration with probing engines to ensure all systems are running smoothly.

Augmented Reality

Interact with the real world.

The ebankIT Augmented Reality Solution is a new way of interacting with static or even printed content. By delivering an extra layer of contextualized digital information through Augmented Reality, a smooth experience can be delivered to your customer, allowing to explore cross and upselling opportunities that would otherwise remain untapped.

Backoffice and Development tools

We offer ebankIT Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed specifically for the purpose of extending the ebankIT Platform and building secure transactions. We also provide extensive business focused Middleware, Analytics integration, an advanced Security Center and a comprehensive backoffice Management System.