Jamaica National Bank UK

A new banking institution, powered by ebankIT

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A digital bank with a face

Jamaica National Bank it’s been around since 1874 and, at its heart is a community-based organization. That still remains true today and what we’re trying to do in the U.K is bring the Jamaican community market feel to our popular audience in the U.K.

And that's what we continue to do in bringing the Jamaican National alive in the U.K. with better banking products. How are we going to do it? And really, the vision was a digital bank, but with a face. So what that meant was kind of frontend innovative technology to bring this thing to life.

Why that led us to ebankIT?

Well, as you say, on a tin effectively, innovation is what we do and I think also a great technical ability around integrating across a frontend omnichannel up to what we use in terms of bureau services and core banking and a clearing bank.

So it's that kind of track record of delivering and the flexibility to deliver to your customer needs is what brought us to ebankIT. So what did we delivered together with ebankIT? In my mind is about a customized public website that really allows us to come and voice our message supported by ebankIT technology. It's also at the forefront of our minds a frictionless customer journey, seamless, very simple and very swift in terms of delivery and customer outputs. And that's really what we're trying to achieve.

The integrated platform also allows us as an organization to manage our cost base efficiently, everything's integrated and everything is frictionless, seamless and simple. So it's complicated technology delivering simple customer outcomes. I think for me as a COO I often carry a lot of team with me and I think as we progress through this journey, what people are starting to see is a bank organization that's now about 30 people is a real end product, a real website, a real customer journey that collectively everyone is proud.

How was working with the ebankIT team?

I'm a hard taskmaster, I ask a lot of individuals. I think the team has been fantastic. This is my second visit here, to Porto, to work with guys on the ground, I think their passion, their drive, their commitment to get things done extend way beyond monday to friday.

I think they are nothing other than technology experts, with a real passion to push the ebankIT brand and solutions into something that makes a difference for their customers. So, I have nothing but admiration and praise for the guys and girls who are working here.

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