Jamaica National Bank UK

Seamless and smooth onboarding with ebankIT

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ebankIT omnichannel banking platform enabled Jamaica National Group to create an efficient customer journey, integrating all systems and supporting its goal of bringing the Jamaican community market feel to the audience in the U.K.

Jamaica National Group was the first Caribbean entity to be awarded a British Banking license. The bank’s official opening ceremony and first branch inauguration took place in October, delivering its values and mission of community-based and affordable banking. Its subsidiary, Jamaica National Bank UK, partnered with ebankIT to deliver simple customer onboarding solutions. Our technology facilitated the automated transformation of back-office processing from legacy operational to control and monitoring.

Aligned with the emerging banking landscape within the UK, the Jamaica National Group implemented a digital banking proposition based on a frictionless onboarding process and a self-service model. ebankIT, through the ebankIT Omnichannel Innovation platform, is proud to be the solution supporting Jamaica National Bank UK’s digital banking channels, providing a fantastic “bank from everywhere” experience.  

Key benefits:

       Personalized customer journey

       Efficient cost-base management

       Complete system integration

       Simple customer outputs

Seamless and smooth onboarding with ebankIT 

Our Mobile App provides a simple, user-friendly interface where potential clients can create their digital accounts in just 5 simple steps without having to resort to any exterior information or web pages. The whole process takes roughly 2/3 minutes to complete using the very same app customers will use after subscribing for banking products or services, making it quite familiar from the start. Additionally, the process can be paused and resumed at a later stage on any device without losing the previously filled information. 

Adopt our composable platform for an efficient digital banking strategy 

The modular architecture of our Digital Banking Platform allows for extra flexibility, with modules being added or removed according to the financial institution’s specific needs. It is also easily adaptable to their reality, adjusting to local legislation and legal requirements, language, and internal processes.  

Furthermore, our solution supports third-party integration from the leading experts in a number of technological fields, such as KYC, biometrics, and document recognition, among others. By incorporating added functionalities for other developers, we are able to deliver a solution that continuously evolves to meet new requirements and market demands. 

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