ebankIT Summit 2023


The final day of our summit was a culmination of inspiration, collaboration, and reflection. Attendees were treated to a series of captivating keynote presentations about customer experience, AI, and digital trends, each offering profound insights into the latest trends and future prospects in our industry. The day also featured dynamic panel discussions that encouraged lively exchanges of ideas among participants. The summit concluded with a closing ceremony that celebrated the achievements of the event and its success. As we bid farewell to this year's summit, we carry with us a wealth of knowledge, new connections, and a shared commitment to shaping the future of the banking industry.

Lessons learned

New business models

Digital business models in financial institutions are being reshaped by digital technology, fintech startups, and changing customer expectations.

Stay ahead of the curve

To remain agile and relevant in an ever-evolving industry, financial institutions must embrace innovation and adapt to the challenges of digital disruption.

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Balancing digital threats

Investing in multi-layered security, including biometrics, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring to protect customer’s data.




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Meet the speakers

Jean-Pierre Lacroix

Discover how to make digital experience as smooth as buttered lightning for your customers

Roberto Ferrari

The guru of banking is here to guide us through the pixelated pathways of digital

Stephen Pedersen

Experience a level of cyber wisdom that even the most advanced AI would ask for tech support

Marco António Silva

Stay at the forefront of digital innovation by architecting cloud excellence and building the future today

Pedro Azevedo

Pioneering the innovations of tomorrow with an ingenious roadmap and extraordinary insights

Peter Atkinson

Discover the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies that will redefine the financial industry in 2024, guided by an expert