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Our success is measured only by that of our customers

ebankIT’s success stories

Continuously innovating industry standards

At ebankIT, our success is measured only by the success of our customers. Digital transformation in banking is a complex process that requires undevided dedication and commitment, not only from the Bank or Credit Union, but also from ebankIT as the technological partner that enables the transformation.

We believe that through these Success Stories, it becomes clear how our customers made major changes in their market presence, greatly improving their customer’s banking experience.

ebankIT’s success stories

African Bank

The customer at the center


African Bank was looking for a versatile Omnichannel Platform, connected with a brand new core banking system. The bank was looking to transform from a micro-lender to a fully transactional - with the customer at the center.

The ebankIT digital platform was fundamental, providing the necessary support in helping the bank engage with customers on the digital channel and delivering the project in record time.

Hypothekarbank Lenzburg

Internet Banking in just 3 months


HBL was looking for a versatile front-end in the form of a Digital Banking Platform in order to enhance it’s multilingual banking system and thus better serve the needs of their customers (Internet and Mobile Banking).

The bank ran a computing center for a group of 8 other partner companies on their core banking system Finstara. However, each partner had their individual flexible implementations. The challenge was to develop a front-end solution that was flexible enough to meet each partner requirements and connected to the individual core installation. Doing so allowed partner companies to become internet and mobile banking ready.

The project was delivered in record time by ebankIT.

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