Core-Agnostic Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

The award-winning ebankIT Platform is at the heart of our complete omnichannel digital banking solution. Once connected to your chosen core banking system, our software provides customers with self-serve solutions, from internet banking to mobile banking or watch banking. It also provides staff with backoffice, frontoffice and contact center tools to deliver world-class customer service. It is secure, robust, highly scalable and deployment ready, both on cloud and on-premises.

Integration Capabilities

The ebankIT Platform comes with a flexible Integration layer. Despite being completely core-agnostic it comes complete with pre-built connectors for many popular core-banking systems. It is also equipped with a smart IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to rapidly accelerate the connection to a legacy, custom built or highly modified core.

Our award-winning digital banking platform has helped retail and corporate financial institutions rapidly deploy world-class dynamic banking solutions for both their customers and in-house team.

Core-Agnostic Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform Core-Agnostic Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform