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The Digital Onboarding Report

Easy and intuitive: mobile banking that connects every generation

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Responsive, intuitive and user-friendly

Mobile Banking must be intuitive, smooth and enjoyable to use. With ebankIT, financial institutions and users can customize their workflow according to their preferences.

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Biometric Authentication

Mobile banking is meant to be personal

ebankIT mobile solutions comply with the most advanced practices on cybersecurity. By using biometric authentication and tailored multifactor tools for Know Your Customer (KYC), financial institutions prevent identity theft and fraud issues.

ebankit mobile biometric authentication
Financial History

Payments, transfers, spending habits and much more

Discover a mobile-optimized platform that enables customers to personalize their dashboard and check their financial history according to their needs.

ebankit payments transfers
Multiple Accounts

One interface for all accounts

Users can easily manage their current and saving accounts – and even their crypto wallet – in one single app. ebankIT takes full benefit from PSD2's account aggregation services.

ebankit mobile multiple accounts

Boost digital sales with personal financial management

ebankit digital concierge

Digital Concierge

The ebankIT Digital Concierge takes Personal Financial Management to another level. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the mobile app provides personal notifications and creates financial suggestions especially curated to match each customer’s preferences.

ebankit sustainability gamification

Goals selection & gamification for banking

ebankIT enables banks and credit unions to raise customer engagement using game mechanics. Banking customers are invited to take part in enjoyable gameplay, where they can collect points by achieving their self-selected goals. In the end, points are transformed into tailormade rewards.