Business & Corporate Banking

Full suite applications for Corporate Banking needs

ebankIT’s Corporate Banking solution provides a modern digital experience for today’s commercial banking businesses:

•Multi-user platform with built-in security centre and entitlements capability • Multi-account management • FX and multi-currency handling • Pending orders approval • List of escrow accounts • List of users related to the corporate account • Managing users: create, block, unblock, delete • PS2 payments – allows to execute several payments in a single file at once

There are three main objectives that come with our Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform and the out-of-the-box digital channels. We aim to help banks and credit unions to decrease their time-to-market and increase the pace of innovation by providing configurable tools for the FI of tomorrow.

Run Lean. To do More.

Through simplification of IT, deep automation, and configure, rather than build.

At ebankIT we dedicate our efforts to provide a digital banking platform that enables plug & play capabilities to just about any core banking system in the market. That allows our banking customers to automate their processes right out-of-the-box, instead of having to build from scratch.

Run Smart. To do Better.

By empowering Marketing, Business and IT to be autonomous, enriched and aligned with real-time insights.

The ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform allows our customers to be one step ahead when it comes to collect and analyse performance data from their digital channels, enabling separation of responsibilities between IT and Business. The platform also allows Marketing to be able to set up campaigns without intervention from IT, enabling greater autonomy.

Innovate Fast. To do Different.

By blending out-of-the-box with flexibility to extend and evolve in-house or through Fin-Techs.

The ebankIT Studio and the API Gateway enables banks and credit unions to develop and deliver new functionalities and transactions, might those be from internal needs identified from business data or from innovations that come from outside the company, namely from Fintechs or other third parties.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Your customer one click away

Internet Banking, one of the leading examples in Omnichannel innovation. The Internet Banking Solution is the most used electronic channel nowadays by various Bank clients, not having the necessity to go to the Bank and handle daily operations. The Internet Banking Channel is available for Retail and Corporate clients, making the majority of banking operations available, as well as personalizing service. Whichever Bank segment, the client is always just a click away. The ebankIT solution is functionally rich and available for retail and corporate clients, making the vast majority of banking operations immediately available.

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Your bank, anytime, anywhere, on every device

ebankiIT Mobile Banking ensures convienient access to accounts, cards, savings and other products throught users favourite devices (smartphone, tablet or smartwatch). Available at anytime and anyplace allows users to manage finances while saving time and money.

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“In ebanklT we found a trustworthy partner, which exceeded our expectations, allowing us to deploy our multilingual internet banking services. In less than 3 months the project was implemented. This is much quicker than expected. We are looking forward to extend our collaboration to other partners in our ecosystem.”


Marianne Wildi CEO at HBL Bank Switzerland

“In ebankIT we found a trustworthy partner in our journey to digitally transform the bank. The projects were implemented in record time. ebankIT rose above expectations and we are glad to recommend the company to other banks seeking to provide seamless omnichannel customer experiences.”


Pedro Pinto Coelho CEO at BNI Europa

More Products & Solutions

Monitoring Center

Putting your customer as your main concern, the Monitoring tool allows you to add even more value to your business. It enables you to follow up all the received interactions in our Contact Centre solution and access the status of the established services. Provided with a global dashboard, it is possible to record and manage maps for na improved and optimized analysis of previous and current data.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Solution brings you closer to a new experience with the bank, virtualy interacting with personal finances by using ebankIT mobile banking application.

Interact with real environments and combine virtual elements to your customers operations, providing a personal simulation based on user’s real information. Throught scanning specific images, it is possible to add an extra layer of personalized animated information to day-to-day banking operations.

Backoffice and Development tools

We offers the Studio (a development tool within the ebankIT Platform), Middleware, Analytics, Monitoring Center, Security Center, Management System and Access Management.