Watch Banking

Your wrist Bank

Banks may have just got to grips with online and mobile banking, but advances in wearable technology provide a glimpse of customer interaction in future for GenY customers.

As high street lenders increase their reliance on digital services, smartwatches could offer quicker and easier ways to check account balances, pay bills, request drop on floor services – cheque book requests or provide alerts and loyalty rewards, just a touch away.

Not everyone wants to go to the branch/ATM, or log on to Internet/Mobile banking. Some people will want to get a quick statement or balance on their smartwatch, and many people want to pay for things on their watch. On a mobile you can easily sit down and review your account or spending on the bus – with a smartwatch it is really on the go, something that is instantaneous.

ebankIT provides a platform and a digital channel through smartwatches that meets the highest standards of quality of features and security, enabling customers to connect, authenticate and perform banking operations over their smartwatch.

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