What will you learn?

Embrace digitization

A third of respondents to our survey (33%) say their digital transformation efforts involved an enterprise-wide transformation approach to integrate systems and share data effectively. 

Focus on the right channels

According to a recent McKinsey study, customer willingness to consider digital channels is significant – in fact, it exceeds 70% in every geographic region and age category. 

Deliver more customer-centric experiences

Improving the customer experience is as much of a priority to banks as digital banking transformation. This suggests that innovation projects are centered around meeting the needs of the customer. 

Continuous innovation

“Today’s top performers in providing banking services are valued more like tech firms than banks – a clear sign that banks need to increase their innovation metabolic rate” (McKinsey) 

Implement the right technologies

Process automation is identified as the top priority in the short term, as it enables greater efficiency, faster time-to-market, better customer service, and improved physical distribution channels.

Compete with digital disruptors

The majority of participants to our survey expressed concern about the threat posed by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (GAFA)


A research study from Qorus in partnership with ebankIT

7 markers of successful reinvention

Our survey findings have highlighted a number of commonalities between the digital leaders that are successfully reinventing themselves in the post-Covid era.


The numbers


KIB’s new strategy focuses on becoming more customer-centric by offering an integrated customer banking experience and by establishing itself as a partner in every aspect of its customers lives.

by Khatija Iffath, Executive Head of Business Excellence, leading Retail Transformation  

How to fast track your success

What is evident from our research is that there is a growing urgency for banks to do a better job digitally. They need to digitize their banking services, but they need to do so without losing the human experiences that today’s customers know and love. With that in mind, they need to find a way to deliver more personalized offers and more personalized customer experiences, but in the digital world.