Experience FinXTech 2024
14-15 May

Unleashing the power of collaboration at FinXTech 2024

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of FinXTech, where fintech innovation converges with the strategic vision of the banking industry. Connect with the dynamic ebankIT team to explore how a digital banking solution can fuel the growth of your business. Embrace the game-changing potential of collaborations between financial institutions and fintech firms.

Key Topics

The future of financial services

Evaluate the strategic priorities as consumers and business owners increasingly seek digital channels for their financial services

The status of the banking industry

Learn how to stand out in an incredibly transactional digital space with innovative banking solutions and product offering

Foster collaboration with a Fintech

Select the ideal ally to kickstart your digital transition. Opt for the best online platform featuring hand-picked features

Humanizing digital banking

Discover strategies for navigating economic uncertainty and reducing risks using cutting-edge technology.

Meet the team

Pedro Leite

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Professional handshaker, sealing deals with style

Paul Provenzano

VP of Market Development

Market maestro, conducting the symphony of expansion

Experience FinXTech 2024
Unleashing the power of collaboration