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ebankIT Academy was born to ensure adequate support and training to its Partners


With an expansion strategy focused on establishing long-lasting partnerships, ebankIT felt the need to create well established workflows, processes and methodologies. The ebankIT Academy was born to ensure such support and training was delivered to its partners, both recent and established. It also oversees the correct application of ebankIT Implementation Methodology, contributing to a cohesive customer experience worldwide.


Our mission is to disseminate knowledge on ebankIT solutions and by doing so, contribute to the global digital banking transformation. We also aim to increase overall banking literacy through our continuous actions. The Academy is also an initiative that supports employees in acquiring and improving technical and behavioral skills, creating opportunities to learn about technologies, methodologies and leadership.


We share the same corporate values of ebankIT:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Ethics and Social Responsibility
• Initiative, Dynamism and Innovation
• Development of our Human Resources
• Honesty
• Professionalism
• Team Spirit Initiative

In addition, the Academy core values are learner focused service orientation and commitment to
quality in all aspects related to training, learner development and content delivery.

Partners Training Program

What is it?

The Partners Training Program consists of ebankIT’s Implementation Methodology, plus beginner, intermediate and advanced specific trainings regarding ebankIT solutions.

ebankIT Implementation Methodology is a set of best practices to implement, maintain and support ebankIT solutions. Our methodology follows the best techniques and global practices of banking software systems’ implementation and integration. It covers the entire lifecycle of our solution, from sale to maintenance, monitoring and continuous improvement processes.

Our beginner, intermediate and advanced product training courses are a set of specific trainings with a top-down perspective, which provide an overview and in-depth knowledge of ebankIT solutions. They include information on how to adjust ebankIT’s solutions to customers’ specific needs, processes and workflows. Understanding the importance of hands-on experience and learn-by-doing, the Partners Training Program combines classroom and on-the-job training under the supervision of ebankIT project teams.


The Partners Training Program consists of 3 Levels of Certification:

First Level Certification


The partner is able to sell the product, build POCs and take part in ebankIT implementation projects under the supervision of ebankIT’s team.

Second Level Certification


The partner is able to implement projects with medium customization complexity, with reduced support from ebankIT’s team.

Third Level Certification


The partner is able to lead the implementation of complex projects with reduced or no support from ebankIT’s team.


Sales and Marketing

(Classroom training)

 How to sell the ebankIT solution

 How to perform a POC on Internet and Mobile Banking (ebankIT Studio, Internet Banking and Mobile)


Delivery and Execution

(Classroom training + On-the-job Training)

 Security Center

ebankIT Management System (EMS)



 Hands-on Customizations (Baseline Settings, Middleware Configurations, Frontend Configurations) 


Project Management and Support

(Classroom training + On-the-job Training)

 ebankIT Implementation Methodology (Project Management, Implementation Management, Change Management)

How to perform Support and Maintenance

Why is Certification Important?

Certification is a mandatory requirement for every partner, prior to working on any ebankIT project.

By successfully passing the certification exams of the First, Second and Third Levels of the Partners Training Program, partners are empowered to successfully implement, maintain and support ebankIT solutions. Certification is an essential step in becoming an expert in ebankIT solutions.

All partners must be accredited with Certification upon completion of the courses of the First, Second and Third Level of the Partners Training Program.

What are the benefits of participating in the Partners Training Program?

  • Partner satisfaction;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Quick and effective response to customers’ demands;
  • Agility and ability to meet the objectives;
  • Efficiency in the various stages of each project;
  • Swiftness and assertiveness when carrying out project activities.

Training Feedback