About Us

Who are we?

ebankIT’s vision is to help the banking business realize their full potential, strengthen customer relationship while minimizing costs and increase digital revenues. Our Mission is about shaping the digital banking experience with a fast, lean, smart and innovative banking platform with out-of-the-box omni-channel capabilities.

ebankIT is an international company that develops a leading Omnichannel digital banking platform with capabilities to enable banks and credit unions to run lean, run smart and innovate fast, helping their customers to be one step ahead at a fraction of the cost, time and effort.

ebankIT has been awarded for being one of the Top 10 Global Emerging Stars in “KPMG – H2 Ventures Fintech 100” 2015/16 and named by Gartner as one of 7 Vendors Worldwide that support digital banking across all key areas in the bank enterprise.

Why do customers choose us?

These are the strongpoints of our success

Class leading time-to-results, the ebankIT Platform comes with Prebuilt Core Integrations with any core banking system and Rich business middleware, the ebankIT Studio – an integrated environment for rapid and secure development, the ebankIT App Suites – beautiful and fully formed apps for web, mobile and watch, open architecture with an API gateway to embrace other Fintech providers, World class Innovation and Flexible Delivery through Partners.

What is our focus?

What do we develop?

Our main focus is to provide a stable and rich platform to ensure banks the digital future-proofing they need to attain in order to thrive. With this we can help banks and financial institutions accelerate their Digital Transformation process, reduce their time to market, and increase digital sales and product conversion rates. And we can do all this while reducing transaction costs, and increasing businesses’ agility & flexibility models, granting them increased versatility to surpass any obstacle.

Board of Directors