Empathic Banking

Empathic Banking

Create contextual offerings within your customer´s journey

Be ready for the customer experience competition and delight your customer by understand their particular needs and offering help at the right moment – for example at the moment they risk going into overdraft.

For more than a decade, banks and credit unions have been designing customer journeys and sales processes that enable customers to move freely among digital, phone and branch interactions, using an Omni-channel approach and aligning bank interfaces with the increasing customer expectations to deliver seamless experiences.

From understanding the customer and their context, financial institutions will be able to align their offering to the specific customer needs in real-time. This moves the interactions from reactive, transactional banking, to a proactive, life-event oriented experience.

This will demand the adoption of an agile digital banking platform with the capabilities to also gather non-financial information, create context and pro-actively help with dynamic solutions.

Ebankit enables this through its rich Omni-channel capabilities that provide each customer a frictionless experience to be in control over their financial situation whatever app or device they have at hand or prefer.

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