Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Your customer anywhere, anytime on every device

It’s estimated currently that mobile-only users represent approximately 15% of the global mobile banking user-base (Business Wire). These mobile-only banking consumers are classified as users who only use a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or wearable) to access their account. The rest of the 85% will use a combination of mobile devices, desktop devices and traditional retail outlets to perform everyday banking tasks. Although the market segment for mobile-only users is still relatively small, the overall proportion of mobile-only consumers is growing at an astonishing pace and represents a significant part of the overall banking landscape. Whilst the majority of mobile-only banking consumers tend to be millennials or younger, the proliferation of mobile-only banking has spread across generations and a diverse range of socio-economic segments.

ebankIT provides a platform and a digital channel through Mobile phones that meets the highest standards of quality of features and security, enabling customers to connect, authenticate and perform banking operations over their smartphone.

Mobile Banking

  • Dashboard
  • Financial Overview
  • Product List
  • Transactions History
  • Customize Accounts
  • Setting up Widgets & Displaying Widgets
  • Setting up biometrics
Mobile Banking

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