[Press] ebankIT at StepTalks 2019

[Press] ebankIT at StepTalks 2019

Júlio Marques, Business Process Manager at ebankIT is taking the stage today at StepTalks 2019 to highlight how important it is for companies to implement good practices for data protection and continuously invest in training programs to create a company culture with information security in mind. These are critical steps to ensure confidential corporate information and personal data are kept safe.

“With employees being the weakest link in what regards information security, the answer relies on creating “human firewalls”. Developing a company culture focused on information security provides better results in the mindset of those employees than coercive policies”. It’s crucial for organizations to implement policies, processes, standards and guidelines.” – Júlio Marques, Business Process Manager at ebankIT.

During his presentation, he went on to show how ebankIT has implemented ISO 27001 Certification, “demonstrating good security practices in business security, in line with the increasing legal requirements, which even include UE recommendations for data protection and information security.”

“ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security. This independent certification is periodically revised, while internal and external audits ensure that companies’ information security systems are compliant, assuring an appropriate level of security.”

Organized by Strongstep in collaboration with FEUP, Tecnalia and Ordem dos Engenheiros, the StepTalks 2019 Conference brought together some of the most renowned Portuguese specialists in Software Engineering and Information Security, aiming to highlight the benefits for organizations which decide to adopt best practices in a holistic, coordinated practice.

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