Back-Office, Studio, Integration Layer, Middleware, API Gateway

Application used by bank customers

At the core of the ebankIT Platform, we provide several elements that set us apart, namely the Integration Layer, the Middleware, the API Gateway and the ebankIT Studio.

These elements allow our platform to be core-agnostic, integrating with any core or legacy banking system, provides access to 3rd parties and Fintechs and enables to develop world-class applications with the ebankIT Studio, giving the banks and credit unions the possibility to evolve beyond the initial deployment of the solution.

Integration Layer

Pre-built integrations with all main core banking systems

Flexibility to integrate with custom core services


Security Centre: authentication, access privileges and encryption

Business services: Enrichment, client context, data sync, history, notifications, store ’n’ forward

Management and productivity tools: monitoring, logging, auditing, administering and deployment.

API Gateway

Bidirectional interface

Consume services from external providers (integrate best-of-breed Fintech solutions)

Allow secure access to ebankIT services


The ebankIT studio is a full Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables rapid development of applications and services whilst maintaining high quality and performance.