Web Design

Our responsive internet banking solution is one of the leading examples on omnichannel innovation  - recognized by various bank clients and end-users.

The Internet Banking is available for retail and corporate clients, making the majority of banking operations available, as well as personalizing service. Whichever bank segment, your bank will be always just a click away from your clients. 

  • Security and Authentication

    Authentication via Omnichannel PIN 

    Transaction confirmation 

    Authorization Module for corporate segment 

    SMS Alerts 

  • Custom View by Client Type

    personalize the public portal/internet banking image

    Personal Finance Manager

     create budgets and control where you are overspending


  • Public Portal Integration

    Unique access point to the bank via internet.

    Sales and CRM Campaigns

  • Interactive Services

    Direct line to the Bank: Call, Chat and e-mail


    Online remote support with chat, available anytime, anywhere.


Internet Banking

Our product is based on a Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA) : The platforms multilayer architecture are organized on various levels of service (presentation, business, data, etc.) and on the diverse transversal services, enabling the Banks Electronic web channels to present all the characteristics and advantages of the underlying