Facebook Banking

FaceBankit is the new way of having your bank more related to your customers.


With our facebook banking solution, you can transform your bank into an incredible pal that enables easy transactions between friends and have them promoting your bank for you when they use it, all through one single facebook application. 


Easy to use and to understand, our facebook banking application is the new answer for retail banking in nowadays industry demands.

  • Request Money

    Do your customers need some cash? Maybe a friend can help them and your bank gets free of having to handle all the process.

  • Take Action

    Do your customers want to make a difference? Allow them to help those who need it the most.

  • Split N' share

    Split up your group expenses and share them amongst friends. And for the forgetful ones, send them a contribution request too. 

  • Make Money

    Help your customers making a boost on their accounts.


This new app that lets your clients pay their friends and share expenses between groups of people on Facebook, enabling transactions to be a lot easier and faster and all through facebook.