Payments and cardless cash withdrawals.

ePWC is an innovative omnichannel banking solution that allows customers and retailers to perform payments and cardless cash withdrawals.


  • Payments with code:

    User generates a unique code which identifies him and his account details

    User is then prompted to authorize a payment 

    After the confirmation of the amount to be paid, a PUSH notification or SMS notification will then confirm that the transaction has been successfully completed

  • ePWC Cheque Code:

    Through a code generated following the access to customer's mobile banking platform, cash withdrawals may also be conducted on ATM’s.


    PIN Code:

    To confirm the generated code is also necessary to enter the access pin, processed on the mobile banking platform used by the Client.

    Cardless cash withdrawals:

    After entering the code, with respective use-by period, as well as the corresponding access pin, the authorized amount is available to be withdrawn.