Contact Center - omnichannel banking solution

The contact center solutions industry is in the midst of what can best be described as a major transformation. Our contact center is designed to fit with his ultimate purpose: Make it easier for your customers to contact with your bank.


Improve your customer experience with our Contact Center Solution, enabling your customers to accomplish a series of consultations and transactions, while seeing their answers replied quickly.

  • Agent Desktop

    Ongoing processes and campaings

    Sales performace

    CTI Interaction Tool Bar


    Process  and Performace

  • Client Identification

    Identification may be done through various security questions, client information and validating the positions of their Omni-Channel PIN.

  • Unified Client View

    Client Context

    Historic of contacts

    Target Opportunities

    Customer Service Scripts

    Ongoing Operations

    Financial Estate


    New Operations

  • On Going Campaigns

    Area dedicated to consult ongoing campaigns available, with general information regarding the scope of the campaign.

Contact Center

Have your bank to have a more effective, faster way to communicate with your clients, increasing the quality of the services supplied towards customer satisfaction. Our Solution supports IVR, Call, e-mail, chat and commercial campaigns.