Commercial GPS

The new approach to sales.

Enable your commercial team to plan and close deals while on the road, with less effort, more results and satisfaction from customers. 


Close more deals with our innovative Commercial GPS solution, that covers the main activities of the sales process. Our software shines with strong usability and compelling value.

  • Tasks overview

    Interactions manager
    Social networks integration
    Sales funnel
    Budget report

  • RM Vision and clients

    Maps integration
    Portfolio Manager

  • Campaigns

  • Manager information

    Customer prioritization and approach framework


    Customer objectives

    Sales opportunities

Commercial GPS

The main aim of the solution is to provide global information for commercial activity, including (1) Windows 8 Mobile Tablet - front end for accessing maps and detailed management information and Proactivity map, (2) Action Tool for Commercial Managers - guidance for commercial effort, and (3) Tool for achieving Cycle Proactivity - planning, scheduling, preparation, and report overview.


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