Account opening in 15 minutes

Customer experience can lead to, or break a customer relationship.


That is why financial institutions are looking for ways to change their current processes while reducing operational costs.


Our account opening 15' is the solution for your bank to achieve these goals. Have all the process handled in 15 minutes, from data retrieval to approval, all in one banking solution.

  • Documents upload and check-list

    Client Data retrieval


    Document and contract issuing



  • Opening account speed


    Analysis and approval with back office workflow

    Product Subscription

  • Process Validation

    Open an account request

    Attach notes and documents

    As soon as the process is sent for approval


  • Printing Cards

    Credit and debit cards are issued instantly

    Activate ATM cards

Account Management

A branch application, intended to support the complete account opening and maintenance procedures,  concerning all bank accounts. All the way from retrieving bank account to analysis request flow, all-in-one application and a 15 minutes process.