KIB takes a step forward, towards Empathic Banking

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KIB takes a step forward, towards Empathic Banking


As a bank, would you want to feel more relevant to your customer? In order to achieve that, you need to become more empathic within your costumer’s journey. For this, you would need to be proactive in your customer’s daily life, instead of being reactionary to their enquiries. Differentiate yourself from your competition by deploying a better platform on top of your core banking system. An Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform is a fundamental step towards this goal.


Our friends at Kuwait International Bank are launching their retail banking app, which is implemented using ebankIT’s Digital Banking Platform and channels, making it highly customizable. They are moving further on their journey towards Empathic Banking.


Not only does the app boast new login features like fingerprint authentication, it is also highly secure, so you can bank conveniently and securely. You can now manage your bank accounts and finances, review activity and balances, make local and international transfers with a few simple steps.