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Atos and ebankIT sign Global Partnership agreement to support banks’ Digital Transformation



Paris, 7th February 2017 – Atos today announces its global partnership agreement with omni-channel banking software company ebankIT. Atos will now offer ebankIT’s omni-channel offering as part of its “Now Banking” Digital Banking leadership programme, thus supporting banks in their journey towards digital transformation.


Together driving omni-channel Digital Transformation in Banking

The evolution of Banking continues to accelerate at cruising speed. Customers want fast and consistent transactions and expect to be able to access and control their finances using any device and any channel, at any time. Financial institutions have often been held back by cumbrous, inflexible legacy systems. Omni-channel banking enables banks to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience, whether customers are accessing their bank via a mobile, tablet or visiting a branch in person.


“Digital Banking requires a willingness to think differently, develop collaboratively and move fast. To test, learn and improve. These are the traits that characterize the success of a digital transformation” said Remco Neuteboom, Global Chief Digital Officer, Financial Services at Atos. “Our partnership with ebankIT perfectly fits our ambition to support our clients in their digital transformation journey, and enable them to make the most of every customer contact to drive long-term competitive advantage.”


Carlos Oliveira, CEO at ebankIT said: “We are happy to work with Atos who has long-standing relationships within the financial services industry globally and the technical implementation expertise our customers are looking for. Their Digital Banking vision on the future of financial services is strongly aligned with our thinking.”


This partnership between Atos and ebankIT enables banks to design and deliver the services demanded by today’s and tomorrow’s customers, and offer an improved customer experience with real-time, speed, agility and security.


EbankIT and Atos are both at Finovate Europe 7-8 February 2017. Come and see Atos’ WL Connected Piggy Bank demo enabling smart savings for kids at under our Worldline brand on stand 89.


ebankIT launches version 3 of its platform and digital channels

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ebankIT launches version 3 of its platform and digital channels at Finovate Europe


London, 7th February 2017 – ebankIT today announces, at Finovate Europe, the launch of version 3 of its banking platform and digital channels that help banks in their digital transformation.


The banking industry is changing at a fast pace

Powerful forces are reshaping the banking industry. Customer expectations, technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, demographics and economics are together creating an imperative to change.


Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and retool to win in the next era. Banks must not only execute on today’s imperatives, but also radically innovate and transform themselves for the future. ebankIT can help banks address all these challenges with its platform and fully featured digital channels.


ebankIT improves its offer with market-aligned new features

With the new version, several new features are incorporated in Mobile, Internet Banking and Contact Center to generate greater comfort, convenience and security in transactions and login (biometric authentication through fingerprint, voice and face recognition), with transaction scheduling, simulation of credit operations, management of credit cards and prepaid cards, matrix card management, management of digital documents, PS2 payments (run several payments in a single file at once) among others. In Studio - the development tool that comes integrated in the ebankIT Platform – there are out-of-the-box digital channels with integration with main core banking systems or through custom integration.


“We are always looking to improve our platform and digital channels and this major release is a step forward in our path to build a better omnichannel experience for banks to deliver to their customers. Our vision is about building the best architecture and best design experience for our customers to help them to succeed in their digital transformation journey. V3 represents our continuous commitment to better banking experiences for our customers and their clients” said Carlos Oliveira, CEO at ebankIT.


ebankIT´s V3 enables banks to design and deliver the services demanded by today’s and tomorrow’s customers, and offer an improved customer experience with real-time, speed, agility and security.


ebankIT at Finovate Europe in London

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Finovate is the only conference series focused exclusively on showcasing the best and most innovative new financial and banking technologies. ebankIT will be showcasing its future-proof solutions for Digital Transformation.

In the advent of the new EU banking regulations - PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) - how would banks seize all the great new opportunities arising with the benefits of customer-centric digital channels, and the harmonization of the payments landscape?


The evolution of Banking will continue to accelerate. Some traditional Banks will successfully embrace this new world, others won’t and will inevitably fail.


Customers will expect full Omnichannel banking on any device they choose and that the applications will be intuitive, engaging and subject to continuous improvement.


At ebankIT, we have already begun to future-proof the banks of tomorrow. Our leading edge Omnichannel solutions meet a single and primordial purpose: putting the Customer at the centre of everything, with true Omnichannel engagement across all channels and points of interaction.



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About the venue:


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ebankIT at Fintech Connect Live 2016

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ebankIT’s showcase of its mastery on leading edge Omnichannel banking solutions is scheduled for Day 1 – December 6th - from 14:30 to 14:40.


In the advent of the new EU banking regulations - PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) - how would banks seize all the great new opportunities arising with the benefits of customer-centric digital channels, and the harmonization of the payments landscape?


The evolution of Banking will continue to accelerate. Some traditional Banks will successfully embrace this new world, others won’t and will inevitably fail.


Customers will expect full Omnichannel banking on any device they choose and that the applications will be intuitive, engaging and subject to continuous improvement.


At ebankIT, we have already begun to future-proof the banks of tomorrow. Our leading edge Omnichannel solutions meet a single and primordial purpose: putting the Customer at the centre of everything, with true Omnichannel engagement across all channels and points of interaction.


Click on the picture below, and get to know ebankIT's Omnichannel Banking Platform!

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ebankIT feat. Forbes Portugal


“The Startup's national ecosystem is small and is still taking its first steps. But it has already companies with global scale and large growth potential.” – in Forbes, 01-11-2016


ebankIT featuring Forbes Portugal: one of the 25 Portuguese Startup companies to be kept under close watch.



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The journey to Omnichannel Digital Transformation


The evolution of Banking continues to accelerate at cruising speed. Some traditional Banks will successfully embrace this new world, others won’t and will inevitably fail.


At ebankIT, we have already begun to future-proof the banks of tomorrow. Our leading edge omnichannel solutions meet a single and primordial purpose: putting the Customer at the centre of everything, with true Omnichannel engagement across all channels and points of interaction.

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You’ll have the chance the meet our Omnichannel Specialists at Web Summit Lisbon 2016, and have a glimpse into ebankIT’s cutting-edge Omnichannel banking solutions.



ebankIT at Web Summit Lisbon 2016


ebankIT’s future-proofing Omnichannel Solutions for the Banking Industry will be running loose on Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace: Web Summit Lisbon 2016.


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Meet our Omnichannel Specialists at this special venue that is about to take place for the very first time in Portugal, they are keen to show you how ebankIT is delivering a world-class Omnichannel customer experience available for Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance.


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ebankIT's presentation at Finovate Fall 2016


Have a look at some of the pics we gathered from our innovation showcase in New York City, without forgetting, of course, ebankIT’s demo presentation video at Finovate Fall 2016.

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Busy days at ebankIT!


Busy days at ebankIT: two distinct events, two continents, plenty of disruptive banking innovations to showcase and present by our Omnichannel Specialists.


During these days, Sibos 2016 and Payments East Africa 2016 are the major demo stages for ebankIT's leading edge omnichannel banking solutions.


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Payments East Africa 2016 is about to begin!


From New York City to Nairobi, Kenya, ebankIT pursues the ultimate objective of showcasing its leading omnichannel solutions and technology that helps banks excel in their relationship with their customers.


Payments East Africa 2016 takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week - 27 and 28 September, respectively - from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi.


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ebankIT’s Omnichannel Innovation presentation at Payments East Africa 2016 is scheduled for 27 September - Seminar Theatre, 11:30 AM – having a focus on one of the most advanced solutions from ebankIT’s Omnichannel portfolio: Middleware.


Middleware is all about how Banking meets security and functionality, through an infrastructure that increases the number of business applications, providing core services like concurrency, transactions, threading, messaging, and framework for service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications.


We are looking forward to meet you in Nairobi for the second annual Payments East Africa, the hub for disruptive financial technology and innovation!


Sibos 2016: Future-proofing the banks of tomorrow.

In the Era of the Digital Transformation, ebankIT is very pleased to invite you for an inside look into our leading edge Omnichannel Banking solutions, taking advantage of the presence of our Omnichannel Specialists through Sibos 2016, the world’s premier financial services event.


You also find out why ebankIT is the most suitable technological partner to get your business to the top, helping you to build stronger relations with your customers and providing them the best tools to tackle their daily financial needs.


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ebankIT's showcase at Finovate Fall NYC 2016


The biggest Finovate Fall to date has brought the best of the outcomes!


An absolutely spot on presentation performed by ebankIT, with great and valuable feedback from Finovate's audience! #ebankitFinFall


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ebankIT’s demo session at Finovate Fall is just around the corner!

We’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t forget this, but just in case here’s a quick reminder:

ebankIT’s demo session at Finovate Fall is just around the corner – September 9, Session 5, from 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM!


We’re waiting for your presence on our booth, to show you some of the leading edge Omnichannel solutions we’ve been producing for the Banking and Financial Industry!


Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s presentation:





Hello New York City!


The day has finally arrived and you can take advantage of this unique opportunity for us to get acquainted by booking a meeting with our colleagues at NYC!


Some descriptionSome description


That way you will be able to get to know us a bit better and take an exclusive sneak-peek at our latest omnichannel solutions.


During our participation in this event we will be actively communicating through social networks, keeping you in the loop of our activities in the Big Apple.

You can reach us by social media and use our hashtag for related inquiries, or simply for taggin' us in pictures. 


Join the #ebankitFinFall conversation.


ebankIT presents leading edge solutions for the Banking Industry in New York City


ebankIT presents leading edge solutions for the Banking Industry in New York City.


The company will showcase a solution that makes use of Augmented Reality - a technology that recently scored world visibility - to subscribe financial products in real time, from smartphones.


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The Portuguese Fintech company ebankIT will be the only national representative in Finovate Fall New York 2016, the most prestigious international fair of technology oriented to the financial sector, which will take place in Manhattan on 8 and 9 September.


Considered by KPMG as one of the "Top 10 Emerging Stars" in the global Fintech market, ebankIT comes to the Big Apple with a range of Mobile and Wearable Banking solutions, ensuring they will produce significant impacts on the way customers will relate and interact with banks, in their day-to-day lives.


"We will demonstrate how from the use of Augmented Reality technology - recently placed at the center of all attention - it is possible to point a smartphone, for instance, to a simple promotional leaflet of a bank and, thereafter, subscribe in real time to one particular financial product, gaining immediate access to the calculation of the gains that the same product could provide, based on the bank customer's assets", explains Manuel Cruz, Corporate Communications Specialist at ebankIT.


Alongside this solution, ebankIT will also present a biometric authentication system by voice recognition, whose latest developments enable banking customers to perform all their transactions in a more captivating and agile way, with custom controls and without using a security PIN.


"We will also showcase the Smart Assistant feature, that enables to easily perform and search all banking transactions on smartphones and smartwatches through voice, over different operating systems, gathering transaction information from current accounts, debit and credit cards", says Manuel Cruz.


Having already integrated some of its most innovative solutions in geographic reference players as diverse as Italy, Switzerland, Mozambique, Angola, Colombia, Chile and Poland, the presence of ebankIT among the major global giants in the financial industry has the strategic goal of establishing partnerships with other FinTech companies, assembling all the conditions required for the entrance of the Portuguese company in the US market.


"If on the one hand, New York is one of the most emblematic financial markets worldwide, it is also a fact that ebankIT is already recognized as a world reference in the FinTech industry. In this sense, the context of our presence in New York aims also to find technological partners to integrate our products and cutting-edge Omnichannel solutions, addressing them to the American financial industry", says Manuel Cruz.


It is recalled that, among other innovations, ebankIT has released BankWatch in April last year, an application that allows customers to carry out banking transactions in the Apple Watch, matching this initiative with the Watch's official U.S. release date.


Founded in Porto in 2014 and with offices in London, ebankIT develops solutions that are already used by more than 20% of the banks operating in Portugal.


Guiding your business through the complexity of the Digital Era.

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Digital Era. Digital channels. Digital innovation. Digital disruption. Whether you have already become part of it, or still thinking on how/or when taking the “Big Step Forward”, your business is facing a genuine paradigm shift. And that’s what Digital Banking is all about, a change in trend.


ebankIT’s digital banking platform is unique amongst others, since it provides a pre-integrated layer to the most widely adopted core banking solutions and other back-end. ebankIT is on a quest to support both new coming financial institutions and legacy banks in developing leaner IT structures, focused on bringing innovation to the market faster than their competitors, and also added value to their clients and businesses, respectively.


Keep an eye on our world class innovation showcase - 9 September, Session 5, from 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM - featuring Biometric Authentication, Augmented Reality and the newly mobile search integrated feature Smart Assistant, amongst many other innovative solutions that compose ebankIT’s Omnichannel portfolio.


Finovate Fall 2016 is coming!


As a Finovate Alumni and Best of Show Award Winner, ebankIT will make use of the premier financial technology conference in the world to displays its leading omnichannel products and technology that helps banks excel in their relationship with their customers.


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Finovate Fall 2016 will take place on the 8th, from 8:45 AM to 4:10 PM, and 9th of September, from 8:45 AM to 2:40 PM, at New York Hilton Midtown.

ebankIT’s demo session at Finovate Fall is scheduled for 9 September - Session 5, from 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM – and will focus on its mastery on leading edge solutions to tackle the challenge of bringing banks into the Digital Era.

We are looking forward to meet you at this unique event, where the ultimate technological trends meet the Banking & Finance industry needs.


Empowering the Digital Banking – Voice feat. Mobile and Wearable Banking, by ebankIT.


Voice featuring ebankIT’s Mobile and Wearable Banking: how Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortana allows customers to interact easily with their smartphone and smartwatch devices, reaching three different outcomes - Navigation, Information and Process Automation - while using natural language voice commands, explains João Lima Pinto.


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Discover more about ebankIT’s Voice Banking successful story, and download the full issue of Microsoft Digital Bank Perspectives.


ebankIT - Mobile Banking Innovation 2016


“Europeans believe in Biometric Authentication as a guarantee of electronic security”. - Sapo TEK, August 2016.


Following Sapo TEK’s reference to one of the most innovative digital banking features, here’s how ebankIT is treading new paths and looking towards new digital horizons that tomorrow's banks must reach. This is our 2016’s Mobile Banking Innovative Bank App:



You’ll be able to watch the display of all these features and many more within the next few weeks, in New York City, at Finovate Fall 2016 – 8 and 9 September. 


We hope to see you all there!


ebankIT - Finovate Fall 2016


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


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It’s NYC in the Fall. And the beginning of a new season, after summer’s leisure time.


For ebankIT, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming challenges and present the latest innovations. There’s no better scenario than Finovate Fall.


As a Finovate Alumni and Best of Show Award Winner, ebankIT makes use of the premier financial technology conference in the world to displays its wide technical knowledge, while bridging the gap between banks and their clients, across all platforms possible.


Come along with us, and discover how we kept ourselves busy in the summer, to continually provide some of the most pioneering omnichannel solutions for the Banking and Financial Industry.


ebankIT at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

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Frederico Lopes, Head of Alliances at ebankIT, will feature Microsoft World Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto, Canada, from July 10th-14th, and he will be looking for an opportunity to schedule a 15 minutes meeting with potential integration partners.  


A strategical partnership with ebankIT means to have access to one of the best and most complete Omnichannel proposals for the Financial industry, alongside with a technical team whose wide technical expertise ensures the adequate support for an industry with high demand for standards.


Become part of a success story, partnering your business with ebankIT’s Omnichannel innovative solutions! For further information, please contact: 


“ebankIT is one of the most interesting Fintech companies in the World”

“ebankIT is one of the most interesting Fintech companies in the World” – Exame Magazine, 1 July 2016.


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ebankIT, as part of the so-called revolution 4.0 witnessed on the Portuguese IT scenario, is pfeatured in the latest edition of this reputable business-oriented magazine, as one of the most interesting Fintech companies in the World.


Have a glimpse into some the best Omnichannel banking solutions available in the market. We will be more than happy to guide you to take your business one step further into this flourishing digital era. 




ebankIT at Novathon #with CIB

ebankIT is about to showcase Augmented Reality, one the most disruptive Omnichannel banking solutions of the company’s portfolio, at Novathon #with CIB, held on 25-26 June in Budapest.


Vitor Barros, Project director at ebankIT, will take the floor and address relevant, well-thought use cases on Augmented Reality, and how this growing technology is already proving to be an outstanding tool within the Financial and Retail Banking industry companies, namely because of its benefits for improved efficiency, scalability and unlimited deployment for a customer’s oriented experience.


Meet us at Novathon #with CIB in Budapest, and discover how ebankIT’s Augmented Reality stands out as a unique solution available in the market, fulfilling the potential growth of your business!


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ebankIT - Expansion of Headquarters

ebankIT has just expanded its headquarters facilities in Porto! This expansion not only meets the Research & Development Team growth strategy, but alsostrengthens ebankIT’s presence on the Fintech industry, as a world reference player in software and Omnichannel innovative solutions development for the banking and financial sector.


Come and visit us in Porto for a glimpse into some the best Omnichannel banking solutions available in the market!


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ebankIT feat. Fintech Finance: Innovative Omnichannel Solutions

Paulo Oliveira, Omnichannel Specialist at ebankIT, gives an insight on some of the lastest innovations that are enhancing user experience under ebankIT’s concept of Omnichannel banking - such as Biometrics and Voice Recognition, using search engines to provide fast answers about all the transactions history - and based upon the premise of customer centricity.


Here’s how ebankIT is helping some of the biggest players in the Banking industry to define the most accurate implementation strategies for digital channels:



ebankIT at Temenos Community Forum 2016

After being awarded as one of the Winners of the Temenos European Innovation Jam 2016, ebankIT took part in Temenos Community Forum in May 2016, Barcelona, for the Innovation Jam Final.


Demoing Biometric Authentication features within Mobile and Social Banking, specifically Voice Authentication, Smart Assistant and Transaction context information, ebankIT has once again demonstrated mastery of the Omnichannel Banking concept applied to the customer experience trends in Retail Banking, as proven by the positive feedback received from the TCF’s 2016 audience.


Follow ebankIT for all the latest news and updates, and discover how ebankIT’s omnichannel banking solutions are leveraging the Fintech market worldwide!


ebankIT featuring Expresso - “Renowned Portuguese Fintech in London – Top 5 Rising Stars”

ebankIT featuring Expresso - “Renowned Portuguese Fintech in London – Top 5 Rising Stars”:


“ebankIT has been winning a strong boost this year in terms of international projection in the Fintech sector. To this end it also contributed the fact of being part of the list of the 100 most innovative FinTech, drawn up by KPMG. This specialist in digital platforms saw being recognized the omnichannel approach to retail banking customers through smartphones, telephone call centers, kiosks, Facebook, wearables, smartwatches and augmented reality, says João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT”.


Find out more about this special report on the Portuguese Fintech scenario – in which ebankIT stands out - produced by one of the most prestigious Portuguese weekly newspaper:


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ebankIT featuring TVI: The Future is Now.

The relationship between banks and clients is changing in a way never before seen.


Imagine a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet as banking personal assistants. Think about them as digital branches, capable of giving personalized offers, or even to guide bank clients on how to find and subscribe the most suitable products for them, all this through Voice Recognition or Augmented Reality, for instance.


That’s why ebankIT develops innovative banking solutions that actually make the difference, using the latest technologies to improve the way people control and interact with their finances on a daily basis.


At ebankIT, the Future is now.


Take a closer look at the news report TVI has prepared featuring ebankIT Omnichannel innovative products: 


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ebankIT at Dot Finance Africa 2016

ebankIT is about to showcase its Omnichannel banking innovative solutions at Dot Finance Africa, the largest and most prestigious financial technology event in sub-Saharan Africa.


During the two days of the summit – 4 and 5 May 2016 – Dot Finance Africa is going to host a panel of recognized experts and speakers on its INNOVATION STAGE, including ebankIT’s CTO Paulo Oliveira, delivering a presentation on omnichannel banking innovation.


Stay up to date for more information about ebankIT’s attendance at DOT Finance Africa 2016.


ebankIT on the top 100 European Fintech companies list

ebankIT has been mentioned by Dinheiro Vivo for being placed on the top 100 European Fintech companies list, in the context of the European FinTech Awards, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


ebankIT, led by João Lima Pinto, has been gaining prominence in the FinTech international panorama. It was considered one of the Top 10 “Global Emerging Stars” by KPMG, shortly after being chosen as one the 50 Global Fintech Innovators to watch over in the coming years, on an international level.


Find out more about the most recent highlight to ebankIT’s worldwide presence.


ebankIT - one of the Winners of the TEMENOS European Innovation Jam 2016

ebankIT is proud to be one of the Winners of the TEMENOS European Innovation Jam 2016!


Once again, it puts in evidence the quality of ebankIT's Omnichannel banking solutions, as well as the capacity of emphasize innovation and disruption in the Fintech industry worldwide.


See you at the Innovation Jam Final - TEMENOS’ TCF Forum in May 2016, Barcelona!


Dinheiro-Vivo feat. ebankIT - "Financial Revolution: Fintech forces Banks to go after their customers."

Dinheiro-Vivo has spoken with Manuel Cruz, head of Communications & Marketing at ebankIT, anticipating how the “Branch of the Future” will be filled with technology, while customers will also feel much more accompanied, and thus contributing to a very personalized customer service, adapted to their real-time needs.


Reflecting on the Portuguese technological landscape, Manuel Cruz mentioned that Portugal has always been connected with innovation in the banking and financial areas, and is very well-placed for the introduction of disruptive ideas, as a wide-open country to the Fintech reality.


Read the full article, and find out how Fintech is shaping the future of the financial services in Portugal.


ebankIT at the 11th Middle East Retail Banking Forum and Expo

ebankIT is a Bronze Sponsor of the 11th Middle East Retail Banking Forum and Expo, the Premier Platform for Networking, New Technologies and Solutions, held on 18-19 April 2016 at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai.


The 11th Middle East Retail banking Forum & EXPO is dedicated to the latest innovations and offerings in the financial services technology, and the region's premier platform for revolutionary ideas covering, amongst others, Core Retail Banking and Mobile Banking.


Therefore, in a region where 98% of population owns at least one smart device – such as a Smartphone, it proves to be an amazing opportunity for ebankIT to show some of the most ingenius Mobile Banking features, as for instance Augmented Reality, Beacons, Smart Assistant and Biometric Authentication, not to mention the newly developed features for Wearables, that are establishing themselves as exceptional accessories for a superior digital mobile experience.


Join ebankIT at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai, and get to know more about ebankIT’s innovative and disruptive omnichannel banking solutions! 



ebankIT at IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition

ebankIT is a Silver Sponsor of IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition, a summit that it will be held on 12-13 April 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.


IFINTEC is one of the most important conferences in EMEA region on banking solutions and finance technology, proving to be a great platform to introduce and demonstrate ebankIT’s innovative and disruptive omnichannel banking solutions.


Get to know more about IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition.



ebankIT at Digital Bank LATAM Montevideo 2016

ebankIT is one its way to demo some of the most innovative and disruptive Omnichannel banking solutions at Digital Bank LATAM, in Montevideo, Uruguay - 12 April 2016.

Digital Bank LATAM - the ninth meeting of the most important financial innovation & technology summit in Latin America - brings together on stage the leaders of major companies in the financial sector of Uruguay, as well as leading technology companies and a group of entrepreneurs who offer different solutions.

ebankIT va camino de demostrar algunas de las soluciones bancarias omnicanal más innovadoras y disruptivas en Digital Bank LATAM.


En el próximo 12 de abril tendrá lugar en Montevideo la novena edición del encuentro de innovación tecnológica financiera más importante de América Latina.


Digital Bank LATAM reúne en un mismo escenario a los líderes de las principales empresas del sector financiero del país, destacadas empresas tecnológicas y a un grupo de emprendedores que ofrecen diferentes soluciones.

Stay tuned for more information.

Manténgase atento para más información.


ebankIT - one of the European FinTech Top 100 companies

ebankIT is one of the European FinTech Top 100 companies, being placed among the most promising, innovative and disruptive European FinTech companies at the moment.


Come and join ebankIT at The European FinTech Awards and Conference Ceremony, on 14 April 2016 in Amsterdam.


ebankIT at TEMENOS European Innovation Jam 2016

ebankIT has been selected to attend TEMENOS European Innovation Jam 2016, taking place in London on April 13th.


ebankIT will have the chance to showcase its latest omnichannel innovative solutions for an audience - consisting mainly of Financial institutions, Temenos, its partners and other Fintech organisations - and compete for an opportunity to demo at the Innovation Jam Final at TEMENOS’ TCF forum in May 2016, in Barcelona.


ebankIT - Sponsor of CIS bankers Networking Reception

On Friday 18 March, over 100 top executives from banking, financial services and associated business are coming together for an executive networking event at CIS bankers.


ebankIT is proud to be a sponsor of this event, as part of their efforts to support CIS bankers and the development of the Ukrainian banking sector.


We look forward to seeing you there!


BNI Europa distinguished by IFM as the "Most Innovative Bank in Portugal - 2016"

BNI Europa Bank is proud to announce that has been granted by the "International Finance Magazine" with the "MOST INNOVATIVE BANK IN PORTUGAL - 2016" Award.


IFM Awards celebrate excellence, recognizing companies in the financial sector that make a difference and add value in the market, rewarding the highest standards of innovation and performance.


Assigning this prestigious award is the outcome of an investing strategy in new technology solutions that BNI Europe has been pursuing, while also having ebankIT as a partner, a company that is considered by KPMG as an "Emerging Star" in the global market, having been described as one of the 10 Fintech worldwide companies with the most daring and disruptive ideas.


It is recalled that ebankIT, during the 'Fintech 100 Awards Ceremony', held in London on the 9th of February, received an award that classifies it as a member of the limited plot of "Top 10 Emerging Stars in" KPMG - H2 Ventures Fintech 100 2015/16".


The attribution of this IFM’s award proves to be a major milestone for the BNI Europa Bank, and the investment in omnichannel innovative solutions reveals itself as the most appropriate strategy, from which arises its Homebanking digital platform, released on the 1st of March.


Find out more about BNI Europa's recognition.


ebankIT at Cards & Payments Africa 2016 - Omnichannel banking solutions display

Take a look at ebankIT’s presence at Cards & Payments Africa 2016, where some of the most innovative omnichannel banking solutions were displayed, in Africa’s most important and best supported payments and banking exhibition and conference.


FinovateEurope 2016 - ebankIT Omnichannel Innovation

ebankIT’s demo presentation video at Finovate Europe 2016 is now available!


Amongst the latest innovations that ebankIT introduced at Finovate Europe 2016, ebankIT has highlighted a visual and voice recognition system that allows to perform bank transfers, a virtual assistant that works on smartwatches - emphasysing a demonstration performed on Apple Watch – as well as Big Data for data availability and higher quality, and Social emphasis to help customers choose the best products tosubscribe.


Find here more details about ebankIT’s presence at Finovate Europe 2016.


ebankIT featuring StartUP Magazine – A Revolution on banking digital channels

Some description


“Meet the company that has been investing on innovation for the Financial Markets, with solutions that simplify the banking usage by citizens and improve the presence of banks for customers. All made in Portugal”.


The recently-launched StartUP Magazine, mostly dedicated to the universe of Portuguese startup companies, has approached ebankIT to get an insightful look on how the company is performing significant changes on the Fintech industry worldwide, with its disruptive omnichannel banking solutions.


Innovation, usability, agility and swiftness are some of the characteristics raised by StartUP Magazine regarding ebankIT, giving that they are mainly responsible for the international high awareness ebankIT has been granted during this last year, as proved by the Best of Show Award at Finovate Europe 2015 and, most recently, the highly regarded presence on the “KPMG – H2 Ventures Fintech 100” list. 


Cards & Payments Africa 2016 - A Showcase of Omnichannel Banking solutions

ebankIT has been developing some of the most complete and award-winning Omnichannel Banking Solutions. According to our vision, ebankIT has delivered technology that help our clients to drive their digital businesses and support their Customer Acquisition Strategies, Increase Revenues and Lower Costs, associated with the traditional banking forms.


Join us in Johannesburg at Cards & Payments Africa 2016, where our Omnichannel Experts will be presenting some of the latest innovations in banking technology. Our presentation will showcase Social Banking, Augmented Reality, Beacons, Smartwatch Banking and Voice Banking, and it will address some of key challenges faced by banks when engaging with their even more demanding client base.


ebankIT nominated for the European Fintech Awards 2016

We proudly announce that EbankIT has been nominated for the European Fintech Awards, to be handed in the award ceremony on 14 April 2016 at the ABN AMRO Bank Headoffice, in Amsterdam.


Help ebankIT being once again recognized as one of the most innovative Fintech companies worldwide, by giving us your vote.


Thank you for your support!


ebankIT at Cards & Payments Africa 2016

ebankIT is going to feature Africa’s most important and best supported payments and banking exhibition and conference, Cards & Payments Africa 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Cards and Payments Africa is the place where Africa’s banking, payments and retail community meets to discuss their challenges and opportunities and where they make decisions to invest in new solutions. 

On the Day Two of the Payments & Banking Free Seminar, Wednesday 2 March, at 12:00, the presentation to be taken into account is “The answer to effectively using Omni channel banking solutions to streamline the payment process”, by João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT.


Find more about this venue here, and see you on the 1st and 2th of March 2016, at Sandton Convention Centre!


ebankIT's presentation at Finovate Europe 2016

ebankIT was on display during Finovate Europe 2016, in London, one of the most sought after Fintech events by biggest Financial Institutions from all around the world.


Showcasing its latest innovations, ebankIT introduced the integration of a voice recognition system that allows a more captivating and streamlined way for customers to perform all their banking activities hands-free, and using natural language on their favorite devices.


The virtual assistant works seamlessly on smartphones and smartwatches of different Operating Systems, and can be connected to ebankIT’s Big Data solution to add great search capabilities to your Digital Channels.


By democratizing the ability to search and bring forward users’ most important and useful information details stored on their Bank Accounts, Financial Institutions can add value to their customers and even have them to include new contextual data, such as Geo-location, at the time of the transaction, or personal documents to a Document Vault, which can be cross referenced and fed to BI tools that can be fully integrated with ebankIT’s PFM engine, promoting loyalty to the brand.


ebankIT also ensures that Financial Institutions can offer the best-of-breed biometric solutions, ensuring security and simplicity of access for their customers when performing their daily banking operations.


Stay up to date on the latest news, events and ebankIT’s new products announcements via our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn official pages. 


KPMG chooses ebankIT as ONE OF THE 10 "EMERGING STARS" in the global market



ebankIT, a FinTech company based in Porto and specialized in the development of technological solutions targeting the financial sector, has been awarded in London by KPMG, as one of the Top 10 "emerging stars" in the global market.


Jointly with the investment company H2 Ventures, KPMG started to draw up a report, published last December, which has chosen ebankIT to figure on the list of 50 FinTech companies to follow on the international market.


The final selection of 10 "Emerging Stars", revealed during the awards ceremony 'Fintech 100 Awards Ceremony', held in London on the 9th of February, has contemplated once again ebankIT, which received an award that classifies it as a member of the limited plot of "Top 10 Emerging Stars in" KPMG - H2 Ventures Fintech 100 2015/16".


"This prestigious award proves to be a great achievement for the company, proving once again the quality of the innovative omnichannel solutions we've been developing. Our focus is, on a daily basis, to simplify increasingly the interaction between banks and citizens, and is comforting to see ebankIT being described as one of the 10 FinTech worldwide companies with the most daring and disruptive ideas" says João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT.


Among the latest innovations that ebankIT introduced last week in London, at Finovate Europe, the world's largest technological solutions venue for the financial sector, ebankIT has highlighted a visual and voice recognition system that allows to perform bank transfers, as well as a virtual assistant that works on smartwatches, emphasysing a demonstration performed on Apple Watch.


ebankIT featuring Finovate Europe 2016

Following ebankIT’s presence at Finovate Europe 2016, Dinheiro Vivo takes a general overview on the newest omnichannel banking solutions brought for this exhibition.


ebankIT has demoed a visual and voice recognition system, as well as a virtual assistant that works, for instance, on Apple Watch. The solution enables to perform bank transfers through the use of voice. In addition, the operation can get started in a device such as a smartphone, and end up on a tablet.


Find more about it, reading the full article here.


ebankIT at CIS Bankers T10 Forum

Omnichannel Banking, by João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT, will be featuring CIS Bankers T10 Forum, 18th February, at Opera Hotel in Kiev.


CIS Bankers stands at over 20,000 members today, and is the largest professional community dedicated to the banking sector and affiliated businesses in Eastern Europe.


Find out more here


ebankIT at Finovate Europe 2016 - A successful outcome

ebankIT's latest omnichannel banking solutions presentation, at Finovate Europe 2016, has been receiving wide attention and great feedback, as evidenced by the most recent mentions on Twitter and Facebook.


Find out more here.


ebankIT at Finovate Europe 2016

ebankIT will be demoing some of the latest omnichannel banking innovations at Finovate Europe on the 9th of February, Session 3 from 1:00 PM to 2:20 PM, along with other top innovative Fintech companies.


The key points to be underscored on ebankIT’s presentation will be Biometric Authentication features within Mobile Banking, such as Voice Authentication, Smart assistant, Voice Navigation and Product subscription, as well as Voice Recognition featuring Smartwatch Banking.


The event is based on 7 minutes demos, without the use of any PowerPoint module, and it’s a great opportunity not only to follow the latest innovations the industry is producing, but also to show how ebankIT’s omnichannel banking solutions are leveraging the Fintech Industry.


Get a 20% discount on attendee tickets entering our special promo code, and join us at Finovate Europe 2016, in London.


For more information please contact us via:


“ebankIT: 2015, an year that was marked by the entry into new markets”

João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT, shared his thoughts with B!T Magazine about 2015 as a very successful year for ebankIT on several fronts, having achieved a great brand awareness level, with various awards and international recognition.


The ebankIT’s CEO is also very optimistic for 2016, believing that it will bring growth to all areas within the company, as a result of the investments made so far.


Read the full article here.


NTech News featuring ebankIT - "Sustaining the future of banking”

João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT, spoke with Ntech News on how ebankIT will keep developing its innovative omnichannel banking solutions, such as Voice Banking, Augmented Reality and Beacons.


EbankIT's enlargement strategy of its partnership network was also mentioned, highlighting the presence at the major global FinTech events, throughout 2016.


Download the full report on the link below, finding more information about ebankIT on page 7.













Microsoft OnWindows featuring ebankIT - "Voice simplifies your life"

Issue 5 of OnWindows is now out, and once again ebankIT is present with a new article by João Lima Pinto - ebankIT’s CEO - featuring the use of voice as a significant player, likely to transform and simplify the way clients perform the most common tasks, when interacting with their finances. 


Read the full article here: 





Dinheiro Vivo featuring ebankIT

“ebankIT: The Portuguese Fintech company who wants friends transferring on Facebook”.


The article by Dinheiro Vivo, featuring João Lima Pinto - ebankIT’s CEO – describes how facebanking will change the way how clients interact with their finances and banks.


ebankIT’s global positioning was also addressed, as the presence on "KPMG - H2 Ventures Fintech 100" list could have a significant influence on its expansion plans. 


To find more about it, read the full article here:


Finovate Europe 2016

For the third year in a row, ebankIT will be presenting its most innovative banking solutions at 2016 Finovate Europe, considered the premier financial technology conference in Europe.


In 2015, ebankIT was one of the Best of Show winning companies, for its omnichannel and social banking solution that maximizes interaction between FIs and their clients.


For 2016, ebankIT wants to be again one of the Finovate Europe’s highlights, making the most of its innovative solutions, and showing how they are changing the Fintech industry in a significant way.


Find out more about Finovate Europe 2016 here.




KPMG - H2 Ventures Fintech 100

ebankIT was mentioned on "KPMG - H2 Ventures Fintech 100" report as one of the 50 Global Fintech Innovators to watch over the next years.



ebankIT has been present in several FinTech events to show its solutions with excellent feedback, as exemplifies the award for "Best of the Show" at Finovate Europe 2015.



The presence in this prestigious KPMG - H2 Ventures report confirms not only the quality of our solutions, but also ebankIT as a worldwide project.


Augmented Reality - Millennium Bank

ebankIT’s Augmented Reality, part of its omnichannel banking solution portfolio, has been launched today by Millennium Bank!

Augmented Reality enables promotional content to be visualized on smartphones, containing personalized offers tailored to reflect the customer’s financial standing. 
Just select “Augmented Reality” tab on the app, point your phone to the banner and see how your interest goes up. Just as easy, simple and intuitive as it can be.


Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ebankIT is honored to be the newest associated member of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Once again, we are recognized and valued by crossing boundaries and show the most innovative IT technology made in Portugal. 



London, 8-9th December 2015, Europe’s leading fintech market place. Over 100 start-up and scale up fintech providers, a growing community within the new wave of technological talents…and, as it could not be otherwise, we’re heading there! What a tremendous 2015 has been for ebankIT, as we’ve been consistently on the major financial technology and innovation events around the globe. 

See you at Wembley Stadium! And stay tuned for more information.


Atlântico Mobile Banking Apps

Atlântico Mobile Banking Apps for iOS and Android have been launched and are available for download in Apple and Google Play stores.

Check out what ebankIT has developed for this major Angolan Bank and how we are improving the relationship between banks and their customers.

Click here to know more about our mobile banking apps for Atlântico.




ebankIT @Digital Bank in Peru

ebankIT presents its solutions in the biggest event of Financial Technology in Latin America, at Digital Bank Conference.

The event brings together on one stage the leaders of major companies in the financial sector, prominent technology companies and a group of entrepreneurs who offer different solutions to the challenges of the banking industry in Latin America.

Join us at this major venue and find out more about our latest innovations.

More information about the 7th edition of Digital Bank here.


Venture Capital Pathena invests in ebankIT

Venture capital company Pathena and ebankIT celebrated their partnership today.

 In the words of António Murta, CEO and Managing partner of Pathena, " the digitization of banking was one of the areas identified as priority since the beginning of Pathena Fund and, in this context, the range of solutions for the digital and multi-channel business that ebankIT implemented in Portugal and in other geographies coupled with international awards, generated high expectations of future value"


This strategic alliance marks the beggining of an accelerated expansion, focused on ebankIT's mission of becoming a world reference player in software development for the financial sector.


More information about Pathena here.



Microsoft OnWindows featuring ebankit - " One Bank, many channels "

The article by Microsoft OnWindows, featuring João Lima Pinto, CEO at ebankIT describes how personalisation of services across channels is the key for banks nowadays.


To know more about it, read the full article here:

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ebankit @finovate Fall New York

Our demo presentation at Finovate Fall New York is now available.

Check out what happened on this FinTech Event and what innovations we presented, at one of the biggest Conferences in the area, with great success.

Watch the video here:

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ebankIT @FinTech Connect Live 2015

ebankIT will be in London on 8th & 9th of December to attend FinTech Connect Live. This is the Europe’s leading fintech marketplace, where the best professionals of this area meet the latest emerging innovations.


See more information here.


ebankIT presenting in the European Banking Forum

ebankIT will be in Brussels to attend the European Banking Forum on 14th & 15th of October. This event is an opportunity for senior executives to network, share experiences with their business partners and discuss the latest solutions in this area.


Know more about this here.


ebankIT at ATMIA Africa 2015 Conference and Expo

ebankIT will be present at the ATMIA Africa 2015 Conference and Expo, "Customer experience and channel usage in Africa's emerging payment and consumer markets". This conference will take place in Gauteng, on 17th and 18th of September and it's the only global trade association for the ATM industry. It will feature highly talented speakers and experts as well as innovative technology.


More about this event here.


ebankIT at Middle East Banking Innovation Summit

ebankIT is attending 5th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit, on the 14th & 15th of September, in Dubai. 
This event is the leading platform of the latest trends in banking innovation and to discuss best practices to restructure traditional banking systems.


Stay tuned for more updates


Internet Banking for Banco Privado Atlântico

ebankIT’s product for Banco Privado Atlântico was launched today.

This new Internet Banking Solution is available for retail, corporate and private customers in Angola. Being a leading example of responsive banking innovation, this solution allows you to:


Make Transactions

Check your balance

Mobile Top –up

Utility Payments

Accounts Overview

Product Subscription

Operations Timeline View


Know all about this solution at: or go to our Internet Banking page to find out more about our product.


ebankIT @FinovateFall New York 2015

ebankIT will attend Finovate Fall 2015 in New York. This is the greatest innovation event for Financial Technology, that joins leading innovators from around the globe and revolutionary products from this sector.  ebankIT was also present in Finovate Europe this year, being awarded Best of Show 2015. 

More information about this event here.

Watch the video of our Social Banking presentation at FinovateEurope 2015 here.


ebanKIT at Microsoft WPC in Orlando

For the second year in a row, ebankIT is attending PWC in Orlando, where innovation and Microsoft Partners get together to discover announcements, resources, stories, and connections that help to drive business.

To know more about this event, click here


Internet and Home Banking Solution for Moza Banco

The recently re-designed Internet Banking Solution and Portal for Moza Banco has just been released and its now available to the general public and bank clients.

 Showcasing highlights such as account balance, make transfers, calculate loans and constitute term deposit accounts, homebanking experience just got way better. With an enriched service provider approach, Moza Banco Internet and Home Banking Solutions are one of our latest references.

For more information, click here.


ITSector and ebankIT at Innovation Day Intesa Sanpaolo in Turin

ITSector and ebankIT were invited to be present at the innovation day promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank held yesterday, 27th May, an internal event where all branches and administration of Intesa Sanpolo were represented, to promote innovative solutions in the area of banking.
Solutions for Smartwatch android / iOS and Voice banking were some of the innovations that we presented.

Watch our video here with the Voice Banking demo in Italian prepared especially for this event.


Millennium Bank in Poland launches new APP for SmartWatch

Millennium Bank APP, launched yesterday and developed in collaboration with ITSector and ebankIT , enables users to integrate with SmartWatch.

This new functionality allows users to:

  • Check Account Balances;
  • Find the nearest ATM or Branches and;
  • Check FX rates.

Simply pair your smartwatch with your phone, and the application will appear automatically.

More info about this app here.


New innovative mobile APP for Millennium Bank in Poland

ITSector and ebankIT collaborate in the new innovative mobile APP for Millennium Bank in Poland.

This apps new features allow you to:


  • Fingerprint Login - the Biometric Registration allows an even more secure access to bank accounts of users.
  • Widgets- Users have access to account and credit card balance without the obligation of having to Login.
  • Loyalty cards - Allows you to store and organize up to 30 loyalty cards in the APP, freeing the user from common plastic cards in their wallet.
  • Customization - this APP now allows customization of the environment, through themes and colours chosen by the end user and setting menus according to preference.
  • Payment / cash withdrawal via code - The APP also contains the form of payments and cash withdrawal via code (no need for traditional debit / credit cards).
  • Smartwatch Integration - Allows you to find the closest ATM's, conversion rates and account balances.


More info about this app here.


New solution for Apple Watch

ebankIT has just launched on the market "Watch Bank", an app that allows you to perform banking transactions in Apple Watch.


With this solution, bank customers can perform a wide range of operations on Apple Watch, such as check account balance , payments , see their integrated position and nearest location of ATM's and branches.


To know more about this solution, click here


Apps World Berlin 2015

ebankIT is Silver Sponsor and will be at the Apps World, Berlin 2015 event.
"Apps World: the leading global event series in its 6th year that has grown to be the leading set of events in the app industry"


More info about this event at:


ebankIT at EFMA in Barcelona

With a number of presentations from some of the leading names in the industry, as well as roundtable discussions, numerous networking opportunities, presentations from start-ups and fintech companies, workshops and a wide range of sessions designed to promote participation and collaboration, this is a conference where the main players are and ebankIT is making part of it, presenting finantial inovations for 2015.

If you want to know more abou this event, click  here.


ebankit @Futuro Hoje

The relationship between banks and their customers is rapidly changing.

Banks of the future are already somehow developed and ebankIT plays an important role in that matter.

The report @Futuro Hoje on SIC, about what have we been up to and what technologies we are developing, here:


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ebankIT's Solutions Tap into Wearables and Augmented Reality


The article on Finovate Blog, by Julie Schicktanz:


EbankIT delivers banking solutions that fit the context of customers' lives, through the channels they prefer.


    • $2.2 million in revenues
    • 50 employees
    • Headquartered in Oporto, Portugal 
    • Founded January 2014  
    • London operation is based at Level 39
    • Self-funded

EbankIT integrates with an institution's main core banking system. The startup takes a user-centric approach to enable banking to take place:

    • In any place
    • At any time
    • On any device
    • Through any channel


At FinovateEurope 2015, ebankIT demonstrated six solutions, here are a few:

1) Augmented reality
Users open an augmented reality session in the mobile app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows 8. When they aim their phone to view a printed pamphlet or advertisement, the material comes to life on their screen.

The augmented promotional content, viewed on the smartphone, contains personalized offers and can be tailored to reflect the customer's financial standing.


2) Mobile account opening
EbankIT makes mobile account opening simple for the customer and the back office agent. The technology enables both parties to digitalize all required documents using the camera on the tablet, for a completely mobile account opening experience.



3) Smart watches
With Android smart watches gaining traction and Apple not far behind, ebankIT developed a banking app for smart watches that enable users to check their balances, view notifications, and pay bills.

EbankIT expects to launch the smart watch offering with a bank in the next one to two months.


EbankIT also debuted P2P payments capability, beacons, and voice banking solutions.

Check out its video from FinovateEurope 2015 to see all 6 solutions demoed live.


The article on Finovate Blog, by Julie Schicktanz


ebankit at Finovate Europe2015

ebankIT , the Omnichannel Company from ITSector Group, presented at Finovate Europe 2015 in London , with excellent feedback from the attendees.


Have a look to the official video from Finovate:


ebankIT wins Best of Show Award at Finovate 2015

After a great demo of two innovative products - voice banking with omnichannel integration which uses a voice assistant to answer questions about your bank account and also their smart watch banking app which allows you to access your bank account through your smart watch, our Omnichannel Solution,  won Best Of Show at Finovate Europe 2015.




ebankIT develops first portuguese banking app for Google Glass

Banco Big released today their latest app, now for Google Glass.

This app allows users to:

Check Account Balance
Integrated position
Portfolio Consulting
Summary of financial markets.

When using the Google App BiG, you can take advantage of the following features:

Speed of access to banking services of day-to-day
Intuitive use
Distinctive experience

An app developed by ebankIT, the first of its kind in Portugese Banking Business.

More information about this solution for Wearable Technology at our page:


Finovate Europe 2015

ebankIT will be presenting at 2015 Finovate Europe, with a whole new concept in Fintech.



Finovate conferences are a unique fusion that is part sales demo, part press conference, part trade show, part analyst briefing, and part business development meeting rolled into a single event.

The events showcase the cutting-edge of financial technology, whether it comes from established industry leaders or up-and-coming startups, and facilitate networking opportunities to make game-changing connections.

More information at:


PIM - Personal Investment Manager

The new mobile app for immediate trade, where your clients can buy and sell their stocks or other kind of instruments, manage their portfolio, follow their favorite investments, create a virtual portfolio to make investments  simulations.

For more information, check out our video:


Apps World Conference - ebankIT on the speaking panel

ebankIT will be on the speaking panel of Apps World - "New technologies in mobile banking & financial services and their impact on the customer experience", on the 12th of November, Excel London.

Come join us at this great event and find out where we are heading with Technology meets Financial!

For more information, please check Mobile Payments and Retail at Apps World:


Apps world Conference

We are going to be at this year's Apps World Conferences, the leading multi-platform event in the app industry. Join us on 12 and 13 of November in London and see our presentation of Wearable Tech Banking solutions and Innovative Mobile Banking apps.

Come Join us!


More info abouit this event at:


Social banking app

 ebankIT released one of the most convenient apps for easy transfers and costs splitting. Social Banking allows you to send and request money, have your own crowdfunding platform, make donations and divide cost amongst your Facebook or mobile friends. Ask for more information at


New responsive website for Atlantic Bank

The new responsive website for Atlantic - a major bank reference in Angola- was launched today.

Being one of the first ones of its kind in the banking industry, this website promises to be a great new channel of communication between the bank and its clients and to make easy transfers.

Developed in a partnership with CPC Africa

More info at:


New W8 app for Montepio

Montepio application "NetMóvel24" is now available for download at Windows Store.

This application, allows users to check their accounts and movements, make transfers, mobile top up or to locate the nearest branch by a system based on geo-referencing, among many other features, all with security, convenience and speed.

More information about this solution here.


ebankIT solutions on the news

Google Glass and Facebook banking solutions developed by ebankIT had their own appearance on portuguese news.

The news report speaks about how this two major solutions are the beggining of the revolution for banks and social media, as well as a new way of communication with final customers.


Watch here this newsreport:


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Contact Center Solution for Atlantico Bank in Angola

ebankIT's Contact Center solution is the focus of the new promotional campaign of Banco Atlantico in Angola.

This application is one of the first solutions with Exictos transactions, CRM, sales and workflow with integrated BPM processes in Angola:

Watch here this tv promotional video:


ebankIT'S solutions on TV News Report

ebankIT has developed two major solutions for Internet Banking on Facebook and Google Glass, making its appearance on Sic Notícias channel this month.

Watch the news report of Exame Informática about ebankIT's solutions and find out why they been having such great reviews.


ebankIT and Millennium in Polish Press

ebanKIT Mobile Banking and Glass Banking Solutions (Internet Banking for Google Glass) were reported in the magazine PR News Poland, with an article about this two great solutions:


" Millennium is among the leading banks intensively developing its electronic banking. Its Mobile App is so good that it can successfully replace ordinary Internet Banking.

Over the years, this app was a point of reference for other banking mobile applications. Recently the bank also refreshed its trading system,complementing it with new features. It also has non-standard products such as loan from your smartphone or ATM and has been taking part in the work of the Polish Standard Payments.


My yesterday's visit to the bank resulted in another handful of news. I had the opportunity to take part in the eye-tracking study of the bank's website. Overall, it is a study of motion of the customers eyeball while performing certain tasks. In this way, the bank checks to test groups, service or service does not cause customers problems. "


If you want to check out this two solutions and see for yourself why they are such an hit, go to:




Smart Watches and Internet Banking

Wearable tech is starting to dominate big tech events this year, and it's looking like smartwatches and smartglasses are going to be the next big thing in the world of technology.

That is why we build an internet banking app for smart watches ( as one for google glass) and it has been receiving great reviews. 

You can have more information here or please contact us at:


Google Glass meets Internet Banking

We have launched our Internet Banking solution for Google glass.


Have a short preview of how it looks like and find out what your bank will be able to do with this:

- Account Balance

- Last transaction

- Personal Finances

and much more at:


Finovate Presentation

Our presentation at Finovate is now available for everyone to see!

Find out more about our Internet Banking Solution for Facebook, Commercial GPS Solution based on MS Dynamics and a last minute surprise which was a huge success at the largest technology inovation event in europe.

More at:


Innovation has been launched

We made the official release of our innovative solutions today at Finovate, 2 p.m GMT. 


This new products promise to be two of the most helpful solutions for the financial industry, gathering the perfect features to deal with commercial staff and business improvment and to reach younger markets through a facebook application.


Watch our quick demo videos and see for yourself how your bank will increase profits with us:


Commercial GPS Solutions






Innovative Solutions at Finovate 2014

Commercial GPS and facebankIT






ebankIT making off-video now available

Our brand has been officially released.

Check out our making off video here and our youtube channel where you can find all of our products.


ebankIT releases new solution for tablets

Our new solution for tablets has been officaly released. 


Allow your bank to service your customers better, as well as to reduce operational costs and provide the convenience of anywhere, anytime banking with our Mobile Banking Solution.


Mobile Banking is available anytime, anywhere, providing new functionalities for users, with banking transactions for individual and corporate clients based on an electronic channel platform.


Contact us at: 


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ebankIT launches London’s FinTech accelerator

Occupying the entire 39th floor of the iconic One Canada Square building and established by Canary Wharf Group plc, Level39 was opened in March 2013 by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and has quickly become an important part of London’s booming Tech City.


Canary Wharf is one of the world’s most hi-tech business districts, boasting several modern shopping malls and thriving restaurants and bars.


Come meet us at level 39 and see for yourself our Tecnhology Accelerator on London!





Finovate 2014

Come meet us at Finovate 2014,the event known as the most innovative Fin-Tech in the industry.


Our unique presentation will take place in London on 11st and 12th February and will be held by one ebankIT's Vice-President, João Lima Pinto.

The conference format is build with a demo on stage, with only 7 minutes to present the product.

With over 60 companies within 2days and attendees from all over the world, this event is the perfect place to make the offical release of our new products.

To learn more about this event, visit the official site of the 2014 Finovate: