Future-proofing solutions for the banks of tomorrow

ebankIT creates products focused on delivering the most innovative banking solutions to customers. These include advanced Internet Banking, Mobile and Voice Banking for Wearables, Social Banking apps with Augmented Reality and Biometric Authentication.


ebankIT presenting at Finovate Middle East

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We're excited to announce that ebankIT will be presenting for the very first time at Finovate Middle East.


Come and meet us at Finovate Middle East in Dubai next 4th and 5th December 2017, where we will be demoing our Digital Banking Platform.


For more information, please contact us at

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15th Annual Retail Banking Forum in Vienna

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ebankIT will be attending 15th Annual Retail Banking Forum this year, situated in Austria Trend Hotel Saboyen, Vienna.


ebankIT provides Banks and Financial Institutions, with the agility and efficiency that enables the Digital Transformation required to stay ahead of your most demanding customer's needs, in over 20 countries.

ebankIT Platform supports all Banking Business in all areas, providing an agile way for integration of external systems, like core banking systems and all ebankIT channels, accelerating the onboarding of innovation and fintech products.


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ebankIT in Gartner´s Hype Cycle



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Porto and London, 28th August 2017. ebankIT was mentioned  as a solution supplier for Digital banking Platform in the Hype Cycle for Digital Transformation 2017 report published by Gartner on 31st July .


This recognition from  Gartner in their report represents our commitment to stay on top of the curve of future evolutions in the digital banking arena, providing the market with future-proof digital banking solutions.


As refered in the Hype Cycle for Digital Transformation 2017 report:


“Digital banking platforms support open unified integration that enables a bank to deliver any customer service or functionality to customers or systems on any device or channel, to third parties and to external partners. The bank can develop new services and incorporate services via web APIs. Unified solutions enable the bank to focus on synergies among all channels, as well as customer experience and the development of new digital services — rather than on the delivery of the product or service itself


Digital banking platforms are different from digital multichannel integration banking solutions that are primarily focused on channel replacement (online and mobile banking) for IT cost optimization. Those solutions typically lack development tools, and may also have traditional channel-driven applications operating below the middleware. Digital banking platform technology can replace separate mobile and online banking solutions enterprisewide, but they are used to for more transformational purposes. Banks pursuing digital transformation strategies can use digital banking platforms to integrate digital and physical channels and devices and deliver digital services to all these channels and devices, whether customer- or bank-owned. The banks that realize transformational benefits will be those that choose solutions that enable the development of digital banking products and services. These services will leverage not only bank systems, transactions and processes, but also customer and other relevant data and the partner ecosystem, including fintechs, as well as more traditional third parties. Digital banking platforms are a key part of what digital business technology platforms will look like in banking. Digital banking platforms are focused on the customer part of the platform, also include the ability to incorporate ecosystems and intelligence.


Due to changes in the market for open unified digital banking platforms — the emergence of new providers and continuing bank demand for solutions that prioritize digital transformation over IT cost optimization — digital banking platform technology, while still immature, is already at the peak of hype. A few incumbent providers have developed digital banking platforms. Others continue to offer digital banking multichannel integration solutions that make transformation a secondary priority and do not support open-API-based architectures that enable banks to bring together new and existing processes and offer innovative digital services via any device or channel. New providers, however, offer platforms and architecture that address these needs. Gartner expects digital banking platform technology to continue to evolve quickly, and multichannel integration solutions to evolve into digital banking platforms. Digital banking platform technology has continued to mature although few banks have deployed them. This is the case because many banks are still driven by a priority on IT cost optimization versus digital transformation. This prioritization leads banks to adopt digital banking multichannel integration solutions before they move to digital banking platforms."


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ebankIT´s Digital Banking Platform will continue to evolve and help our customers in the their digital transformation journey, allowing them to connect to external systems from third parties and fintechs, providing true omnichannel capabilities.


ebankIT has customers in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and North America. The company supports its customers through a network of partners that operate regionally and worldwide, deploying ebankIT´s technology.


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ebankIT at Finovate Fall in New York

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Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.


ebankIT will be demoing at Finovate Fall in New York between 11th and 14th September 2017. Don´t miss it! We´ll be demoing ebankIT by Voice.


Our demo will be on 12th September, on demo session #6, slot #2 between 10:45 and 12:05.


ebankIT by Voice allows you to engage in a natural and intuitive way, providing an optimized and secure interface for all your banking solutions, using nothing but the sound of your voice.



  • Accelerate omnichannel digital transformation, reducing costs
  • Integrate with next generation fintech and 3rd parties
  • Increase digital sales, future-proofing banks


Why it’s a must-see
Whatever the future is, ebankIT will be there to help you embrace change, supporting clients to accelerate their digital banking transformation.


Contact us for more information at

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